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The 2016 Broadway Under the Stars summer season is off to a running start!! Meggie Cansler is here again to share with you the latest...

THIS MAGIC MOMENT is ready for an audience!

Can you believe how much a group of dedicated performers can accomplish in two weeks? It takes a fantastic director and team of folks to execute that for success. Roy Lightner is our fearless leader at the helm of it all.

Inside scoop: Roy and I grew up performing together at the Miller Marley Dance School in Kansas City. I hadn't seen him since I was in highschool and then we reconnected through the magic of Transcendence! ("It's a small world after all...") Roy and I love pouring wine at the pe- show picnic and telling our audiences about our Transcendence Theatre Company's very own wines.

Roy Lightner and I pouring wine during the 2015 Broadway Under the Stars season.

We have not just one, but TWO new wines this year! Best Life Ever is a delightful savvy B (that's Sauvignon Blanc in wine-speak!) that is perfect for a warm summer evening in the park. And Call of the Wild is a scrumptious red blend of Malbec and Syrah. Remember that the sun goes down and it can get chilly, so red is an excellent option to take with you into the ruins as you watch the show.

A shoutout of thanks and love to the Benziger Family WInery for making our wine happen! I got to be in on a bit of the making/tasting process this year and it was like a science class for this wine enthusiast!

Our two delicious Transcendence wines!

As for the concert, I LOVE that these concerts are filled with such a variety of things. I always wanted to be on the Carol Burnett show, where you never know what comes up next!

I was on the conceiving team for this show and seeing it all come to life has been fascinating. For example, we have a comedy number that was inspired by my New York City dating horror stories from OKStupid. I mean, OKCupid ;) It is a medley of classic pop songs brilliantly executed by Lexy Fridell and Stephan Stubbins playing a plethora of crazy characters! If that doesn't make you laugh, how about our all male version of "Single Ladies" featuring the ever talented Eric Jackson? Always twists and unexpected turns in these shows... you have to see it to believe it! (Hint, Hint: You can get your tickets now at!)

I am honored to be singing from two dream roles that I have always wanted to play. I get to sing Amneris's tune from "Aida" : Strongest Suit, and Judy's number from "9-5": "Get out and Stay Out". Two wildly different songs, intentions, characters and I love that I have the chance to sing them in this show. Bucket list material right there. Singing first about my love of fashion and then standing my ground and claiming my life??

These lyrics really struck me: "I am proud to tell you, I'm really feeling good. I'm doing so much better than you ever thought I would. Got my own place, my own space, to think and dream and plan..." (My feelings on living in Son-home-a!)

And then this one I think we can all resonate with: "Dreams and plans are in the making. Success is out there for the taking. Wish it was as simple as it sounds. I have no choice. I have to do it. Face the future, walk into it, now that I'm unfettered and unbound... I'm taking back my life! My LIFE!" (I say YES!)

For our original song this year, Q Smith takes us home with "Live". It sounds like a song that Disney would set fireworks to and you would have feelings down your face. Q's voice is out of this world, and when she sings this song you believe you can make a difference in the world, too. (Yes, Q!)

Q. Smith is on our billboards this year!

I can't wait to share this incredible show with the west coast, Son-home-a, and my loved ones! My parents will experience THIS MAGIC MOMENT in the gorgeous ruins; the "field of dreams" as Amy Miller calls it. I fell in love with this place the moment I got here and to know that my parents AND the love of my life will be there together and watching THIS MAGIC MOMENT is giving me heart explosions!

Oh... In case you were wondering - here is my guy right here! Pictured with Amy Miller our Artistic Director.

Until next time! #bestlifeever #wellliveddays #heartexplosions

Meggie Cansler is a Resident Artist and Artistic Coordinator with Transcendence Theatre Company.

Transcendence Theatre Company's Broadway Under the Stars 2016 Season runs from June through September in Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen, CA only 45 miles north of San Francisco in Wine Country. More information and tickets available online at or call 877-424-1414, Ext 1.

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