BWW Blog: Ashley Arcement of FLASHDANCE! National Tour - I Love a Layoff

BWW Blog: Ashley Arcement of FLASHDANCE! National Tour - I Love a Layoff

You know what? I love a layoff.

Every so often, a touring show is subjected to what is known as a layoff. It means we were not booked in a theatre for the week and are transported back to our points of origin (mostly NYC) and collect unemployment. I think most would actually agree that this is often a welcome break of relaxation and reality from a life on the road.

Welcome to my layoff week. Well, it is five days home in NYC to be specific. After my first week performing in Las Vegas and my second week doing a partial split-track in Sacramento, the first thing on my to-do list was to sleep. A. Lot. There may have also been a shortage of shut-eye due to the necessary celebratory events following shows, but really let's blame it on the jet lag and dance fatigue.

After waking up each day for the last two weeks in complete confusion as to what city I am in, it is so lovely to be in my actual apartment in my cozy bed with no fewer than 15 pillows. However, a typical day this week is pretty packed with errands and activities. Today I start with a nice therapeutic ballet class at Broadway Dance Center. Dorit Koppel is just right, and there is nothing like some live piano with a good adagio combination. Next I headed to Physioarts for some physical therapy. This is a pretty typical part of the life of a dancer. I have been recovering from various injuries off and on while continuing to perform my whole life. For the last six years, I have depended on Ryanne, Sarah, and now Mara to help keep me in action. Currently trying to keep myself strong after a knee dislocation, I have my PT gals keep everything aligned, take me through exercises, and make me promise to be better about foam rolling my IT bands after shows.

After taking care of my body, it is time to work on some Flashdance material. Starting next week I will add the role of Kiki to my understudy roster so I am getting a head start on the material. My vocal coach helps me work on Kiki's parts, including the song "Manhunt" which may or may not be my favorite number in the show. Does it NOT sound fun to wear a long leather coat and riding crop while dancing with four amazing male dancers?

Finally, it is necessary to have some QT with my friends. While we keep in touch through various electronic devices, it's nice to have face time beyond FaceTime. Now that I feel grounded, I can spend the next few days doing laundry, preparing my taxes, working a shift at my super awesome side job Physique 57, taking more dance classes, exchanging an ill-fitting onesie at Urban Outfitters, going tanning (I know I know, it is so bad for me), running my scenes with my acting coach, restocking my Berocca supply at Duane Reade, catching up with more friends, unpacking my suitcases, repacking my suitcases, and booking a tropical vacation for my next layoff (because this polar vortex thing is lame).

Thanks to a week of rest, errands, and life outside the tour bubble, I know I will be ready to kick off the next leg on the road.

There are no pictures as visual aids for this week, as I refuse to wear makeup until my Valentine's Day date. Instead here is a collage from the last two weeks!

high res photos

BWW Blog: Ashley Arcement of FLASHDANCE! National Tour - I Love a Layoff
The Chameleon Girls; Glo getting toweled off by her dresser Flo; Flo making her hair scarf extra fancy; opening night lilies from my awesome agents at Nicolosi; and the combination of stripper wig and steelworker jumper- never seen onstage, oft seen off...

BWW Blog: Ashley Arcement of FLASHDANCE! National Tour - I Love a Layoff
And a collage o' fun!

high res photos

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