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BWW Album Review: Forget Sleepy, Wachter's TARRYTOWN Will Awaken Your Soul

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BWW Album Review: Forget Sleepy, Wachter's TARRYTOWN Will Awaken Your Soul

Adam Wachter's original musical, Tarrytown, offers a contemporary twist to an iconic story, based on Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and features the astonishing voices of Jeremy Jordan, Andy Mientus, and Krysta Rodriguez. This trio is pure magic and their voices make this legend anything but sleepy.

Wachter is a master of the pen with lyrics that are clever, expressive, imaginative, and paint a poignant picture of the characters from this tale that we all know and love. Strategic updates are made to take this story into the 21st century and examines another important part of the body - the heart - as we get to know the characters on a more human level and understand their deepest fears and desires in life.

From the first few seconds of the prologue, you are instantly drawn in and introduced to the gorgeous voices of Jordan, Mientus, and Rodriguez -- truly some kind of wonderful. The lyrics describe what a morning in Tarrytown is like, compared to the hustle and bustle of New York City, a short distance away. Although characterized as small-town America, Tarrytown hides some darker secrets and the pretty buildings aren't all they seem. While New York City will always have appeal, the characters are hopeful this new territory will offer the opportunity to make some of their dreams come true.

"My New Gay Best Friend" introduces us to Katrina who is so excited to have a new friend from trendy Manhattan. She looks forward to having someone to talk to about everything from shopping to relationship drama and invites him over for dinner. You can see the heart bubble over her head as she hits the high notes and envisions a beautiful friendship of intimate talks and fun times exploring the city together. It's upbeat, cute, and captures everything we love about having a best friend!

Slowing it down a bit, "Back Home" is a reflective, sensitive, and truthful ballad about what small town living does to you and how it can be lonely at times. While Manhattan has lots to occupy your days, you don't get much alone time and those moments to really get honest about what you really want in life. There are tons of distractions but being in a new environment really can change your whole perspective.

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" tells the terrifying story behind this man who even George Washington was terrified of and what the colonists experienced on Halloween night. You can imagine yourself wanting to sit around a campfire listening to this story and hanging on every world - the storytelling is so good! The tone of the song starts out as being quick-paced and passionate and then transitions to a slower rhythm that ups the chilling factor.

The musical wraps with "Another Halloween" that thinks back on the year and moving ahead to the upcoming seasons. It ends on a ponderous note about life going on and hanging on to the memories we are fondest of. Overall, Tarrytown infuses the classic story with more depth and exposes us to music and lyrics that are thought-provoking, witty, and emotional. It will certainly inspire newcomers and loyal visitors to give this famed town a second look. I think all will agree that while on the surface it may appear sleepy, there's a great deal that will awaken your soul!

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