Armand Ruhlman & Razor Rizzoti to Appear on Jeremy X. Halpern's Variety Tuesdays

Live from heddroom - Weirdos.TV Variety Tuesdays - Weirdos.TV streams variety acts from Williamsburg. Experimental artist Armand Ruhlman and international wrestling sensation Razor Rizzoti are set to appear on Jeremy X. Halpern's Weirdos.TV Variety Tuesdays, his new weekly variety show aired on www.Weirdos.TV.

Tuesday nights at 10 pm, Jeremy X. holds court in the Weirdos.TV studios in lovely hipsterville, a.k.a. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Musicians and variety acts of all shapes and styles will be joining him in his quest to stamp out normality!

Unsuspecting performers and other talented individuals will be lured into the depths of Williamsburg, to the mysterious laboratory known as "heddroom", where Jeremy X. has been cooking up his latest mayhem. They'll be induced to improvise with the Head Weirdo, co-mingling their ideas and falling under the spell of weirdness. Nonsensical interviews with the participants will result in little information, and lots of fun. The spirit of psychedelia will ooze through the room as the event is broadcast live to http://www.Weirdos.TV Viewers watching live on the web will be treated to multiple camera shots of the performance, mutated through the power of Weirdos.TV video processing. They can even call in to 800-934-7367 to join in the show!

The Weirdos.TV Variety Tuesdays are a special weekly feature in addition to the nightly Weirdos.TV live shows. 1-800-Weirdos.TV is an ever-evolving live interactive international multimedia musical mash-up. 1-800-Weirdos was founded in 1995 and live weekly radio broadcasts began in 1998. In January 2009, live interactive video broadcasts began on www.Weirdos.TV. All episodes of the radio and TV show are available for download as a podcast on Apple's iTunes Music Store.

During each broadcast, music is created using a dizzying array of digital synthesizers, including samples of callers as well as live callers to 1-800-Weirdos. In addition, audio processing in realtime using digital effects and MIDI controllers creates an aural landscape that stimulates the imagination of the viewer. The visual technology includes realtime video processing of multiple cameras and multiple video overlays creating a psychedelic cornucopia of delicious eye candy.

Jeremy X. Halpern is the sole proprietor of 1-800-Weirdos, and founder of the multimedia performance group Verge,. As an actor, he has worked with such notables as Yehuda Duenyas, Anne Bogart, Jerzy Grotowski, and Eugenio Barba. As musical director of Verge, he has masterminded and composed music for such bizarre epics as "Speak of the Devil (A Satanic Cabaret)" and "Battle of the Dead Celebs (A comic dance of historical significance)", and is currently composing the score for "Mogulopolis", a music spectacle about female robots. He will be performing again in the NTUSA's highly acclaimed show, "Chautauqua!" in its return engagement at the Longwharf Theatre in New Haven in June.

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