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ActorQuest - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bway 6

This November, Kristin Huffman made her Broadway debut as Sarah (flute, piccolo and sax) in John Doyle's production of Company.  The actress continues her collection of stories about a 15-year career that has led her to the door of the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.


This is a story I actually had published in our local paper.  I figure there are two ways to react to criticism like this: you can get angry or you can get even, in a funny way.  Laughing about things always makes me feel better and I think I made my point in this one.


Since theatre doesn't always pay the bills and teaching has a cap on how much you can make, I also got my real estate license in Connecticut a few years ago.  In fact, there seems to be an explosion of actors in New York who have had the same thought and are now part time real estate agents too.  In my role as a local real estate agent, I do what many other agents do to stir up business.  Mass mailings.  I target the areas of Milford that I know well and every few months I try to be as creative as possible in sending out a cover letter, a newsletter with 'tips' and maybe a magnet with my card.

Like sending out headshots and resumes to casting directors, I often wonder what happens to those real estate mailers.  Do they just get tossed? Do people stick my magnet face up on their refrigerators to hold up their kid's baseball schedules?  Recently, one of my mailees took the time to write me back so that I would know exactly how he felt and since I loved the passion involved in his response I would like to share it with all of you.

The envelope was addressed only to our real estate office.   It was the return address that let me know I was in for an interesting read.  "J. Mioff, (read that outloud to hear what he was going for), Losersville CT (Milford CT)." I wonder if he realized that he was being self deprecating ….but no matter…the good stuff was inside the letter!

Keep in mind that I had mailed what I thought was a short and sweet cover letter wishing folks a nice summer, including a July newsletter that had some 'summer' tips, including a recipe for baby back ribs, and also a magnet with my card.  The small torn off piece of paper I received in the envelope read "You people are too pushhy (note the new spelling).  I could sell my House myself. Milford is becoming a slum. Go into the rib business." I also received my cover letter back.  I have a picture of my husband and me posed together in the upper right hand corner, as we are a team of realtors, and J. Mioff had blackened in one of my teeth and written, as if I was saying it to my husband, "Get your hand off my ass."  

Well, I was offended…because I can be way pushhier than that.  A cover letter, a flyer and a magnet?  That's child's play for me.  I do not think Milford is becoming a slum at all.  Quite the reverse.  Even though housing prices may be 'evening' out I don't know too many slum residence who can afford most of them.  Finally, if you are going to blacken a tooth, go for the mustache and goatee as well for goodness sake!

I'm not complaining about this letter. Quite the contrary! I actually like the fact that this man took the time to write a hastily scrawled letter on a little piece of paper.  It had passion.  He referenced my newsletter, which meant he read it.  He was angry…or off his meds...and he took the time to put a stamp on a letter and mail it.  He even had some humor, or sickness, in his return address. 

As special as this feels, I bet this guy doesn't stop at responding to me.  I bet he gets worked up over all kinds of advertising.  Like that guy and his wife that do the furniture ads on TV.  Talk about pushhy.  I bet when he has seen about three or four of those in a row he walks into their nearest outlet and jumps up on a sofa, ala Tom Cruise, and yells, "I got yer discount right here!"  I love the passion of that!  Or that guy with the liquor store that sings his own commercials.  Boy, that even outrages me!  But I bet J.Mioff does something about it besides just complain to his partner.  My hero probably goes down to that store and gets soused on the liquor and then sings every barroom song he knows just to show him up, slurring, "I could sing these songs myself if I wanted to!" …or maybe, "I could get drunk myself if I wanted to!"  Cool, passionate stuff like that.  Intelligent. Well thought-out.  Creative.  Take charge stuff.  He's a guy who can get things done!

Wow! Do you think we can get this guy to run for office? I can handle his advertising!  

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Kristin is making her Broadway debut as "Sarah" (flute, piccolo and sax!) in the John Doyle directed production of COMPANY! Kristin was Miss Ohio and (read more...)