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30 Days of NYMF: The Fancy Boys Follies


By David Pevsner (Music and Lyrics)

I was one of the creators of Naked Boys Singing, and it was amazing to me that my dirty mind and sparkling wit (I say with a wink) could combine to help create what became pretty much a phenomenon…people love it.  I caught a lot of flak for writing “that kind” of show…a boyfriend split with me over it, my mother thinks I’m a pervert…but the truth is, that’s how I think…sex, and all the accoutrements that come with it, is funny to me, but that’s not all I’m about…I’m incurably romantic and I think smart is sexy.  

Yes, The Fancy Boys Follies has fisting jokes but we also have the unbearable desire to find love from across the room.  I think we all have the potential to go from romantic to sex pig at the drop of a hat if we let ourselves, and that’s what I wanted this Vaudelesque to reflect…that, and the desire to say a hearty “fuck you” to the conservative prudishness that seems to be squelching our sexuality and body image.  Mostly...I want you to laugh.

That we’re actually getting this on its feet after 4 wildly fun readings in LA is mind-boggling, thrilling, daunting.  My director Randy Brenner and co-producer Anthony Galde are in it to win it, Jim J. Bullock is true comedy gold, and the fact that they all get how to let the filth and the sweetness work concurrently makes me love the crap out of them.  We all come from a classic musical comedy background, so entertainment is of utmost importance.  We have not started rehearsal yet, we have just barely finished casting, and we know that creating a new show is a heavy task. As our collective vision of this filthy but fabulous extravaganza is realized, I promise you…you’ll have a fucking ball.  Come see us.

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