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Photo/Video Coverage: Phantomania begins at SITGES

Dec. 11, 2004  
Photos and Video: Pol Turrents

The SITGES - International Film Festival of Catalonia is Catalonia's primary film festival and also boasts an excellent showcase for diverse cinematic explorations with an emphasis on the fantasy genre. What better film this year to premiere than "Phantom Of The Opera?"

On hand for the screening were Joel Schumacher, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson and Minnie Driver. A limited number of press were invited to an early morning screening of the film before the conference began. After the thunderous applause died down, Schumacher and Webber took questions about their collaboration, casting and production future projects. The cast was on hand to answer questions about their experiences with bringing their characters to the screen.

Later that evening, after a concert featuring his music, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber was the recipient of a SITGES award (which is a train in homage to Buster Keaton) for his career in show business. The very excited and eager crowd listened intently as Webber spoke more about the film, and also his relationship with Barcelona (Webber composed the title song for the 1992 Olympic Games).

Schumacher also received an award that evening. Presented by Corey Feldman (The Goonies), the Time Machine Award recognizes an important figure in the world of Fantasy Films.

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Patrick Wilson, Joel Schumacher, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber
and Gerard Butler after the screening of Phantom of the Opera

Gerard Butler takes questions from the press

Minnie Driver and Joel


Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

Group pictures in front of the press corp

Webber accepts his award in front of an enthusiastic crowd

Schumacher thanking Corey Feldman for his award


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