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VIDEO: Albuquerque High School Dance Team Holds a Virtual Prom

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Albuquerque High School dance team members are thinking outside of the box, and created a virtual prom for students.

Members of the team talked to local news station, KOB, about the project.

"A lot of us have been sitting around in pajamas all day, and we're not combing our hair or putting on make-up, and I said, 'We need to get fabulous, we need to do something,'" said Nikka Gutierrez, coach of the Albuquerque High School dance team. "One of the girls suggested prom night, and I said well, any dress, any fancy dress, some didn't buy a prom dress, others aren't old enough to go to prom, I'll just put my Christmas dress on and we'll get fabulous for the night."

The Bulldoggies have been meeting virtually every Sunday since school was cancelled for the rest of the year.

"Because we spend so much time together, we create a bond and you just can't ignore that bond for a long period of time," said Bulldoggie Valeria Vasquez. "You know what I mean, you can't just not talk to someone you've spent all of your high school life with, you can't not talk to each other whether it's in person or through a video chat."

Watch the full report below and read more on KOB.


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