THANKSKILLING, THE MUSICAL Prepares for New York Premiere

THANKSKILLING, THE MUSICAL Prepares for New York Premiere

ThanksKilling, The Musical will be making its New York debut at the first annual "Festival of the Offensive" this spring. The show has already made a critically acclaimed World Premiere at the Balagan Theatre in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle times called it an "Unexpected Charmer" and said it was "one of the funniest things I've seen."

ThanksKilling features music by Jeff Thomson and lyrics by Jordan Mann. The team has collaborated on other projects including Trails and Jawbreaker. The show was conceived in partnership with David Eck and is adapted from the cult film by Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart.

ThanksKilling is about five college kids headed home for Thanksgiving break that cross paths with a homicidal turkey possessed by an ancient Indian curse. Horror and hilarity ensue, as the teens must stop the manic bird before he kills them all.

ThanksKilling is produced by David Eck in association with Ashley Kate Adams and AKA Studio Productions. It will have four performances as part of the "Festival of the Offensive," which is being presented at The Producers' Club at 358 W. 44th St. in New York City. The Festival will run from April 28th through May 4th.

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