Barefoot Productions Presents THE TWILIGHT OF THE GOLDS, Now thru 3/2

Barefoot Productions Presents THE TWILIGHT OF THE GOLDS, Now thru 3/2

If your parents knew everything about you before you were born, would you be here? That is the question posed in this controversial entertaining 'dramedy'. All is well when Suzanne Gold-Stein and her close knit New York family celebrate an anniversary dinner and she reveals that she is pregnant. Through genetic testing, arranged by Suzanne's biomedical research husband Rob, they learn that the baby will be healthy and intelligent however will most likely will be 'different'. The news forces the entire Gold family to confront the issues of bigotry, evolution and the limits of love as Suzanne contemplates a difficult choice.

Barefoot Productions has announced the next Main-stage production of The Twilight of the Golds, by Jonathan Tolins. Directed by Craig A. Hane, this thought provoking dark comedy will raise questions about ethics and morality.

"Twilight of the Golds" is a powerful dramatic glimpse into the inner workings and secrets of the Gold family. The play is interwoven with music and an exploration of Wagner's famous opera, "The Ring Cycle." The show uses the opera to evoke larger-than-life themes of heroism and betrayal, love and tragedy, and the end of the family of man, played out in microcosm by the contemporary Gold family."

David Gold, played by Adam Dib, the younger and eccentric outcast brother of the Gold's and the moral center of the family, gives a powerful multilayered performance with an endearing mix of humor and emotional weight.

The pivotal role of Suzanne Gold-Stein, played by Samantha Lowry, the smart but superficial older sister who faces a decision that will change the fate of the family.

"Suzanne's husband Rob lends a scientific approach to the family's problems, and is played with a calculating awareness by Michael Ludlum. It is Rob who begins the events that lead to the trials of the Golds."

"Walter (David Alexander) and Phyllis (Christine Steves), the parents of the Golds, are regular folks, the whitewash over the internal struggles their family endures. As the play continues, their characters are revealed to be not nearly so carefree and unconcerned as they at first appear."

The Golds story, as told primarily from David's point of view, exposes a deep disagreement, unspoken prejudices and David learns how his parents truly feel about him being 'different'.

Performances begin tonight, February 21st and runs through Sunday March 2nd. There will be a special After-glow following the Saturday Feb. 22nd performance sponsored by Compari's on the Park. Also, following the Feb. 21st, 23rd and March 2nd performances there will be audience participation 'talk-backs' to discuss themes and materials from the play.

Talk-back facilitators are:

Feb 21: 'Genetic Testing and Engineering' with Kara J. Milliron, MS, CGC, Certified Genetic Counselor. Kara is with the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program at University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center located at 300 North Ingalls, Room 3A12 SPC 5419, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Phone: (734) 764.0107 .

Feb 23: 'Limits and boundaries of unconditional acceptance' led by Dale Simmerman, LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker). Dale is a professional who will guide the discussion in family dynamics and counseling, in addition to the topic of forgiveness and if/how it is possible. He has a private therapy practice located at 110 E Kingsley Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Phone: (734) 213-2326.

March 2: 'The challenges of raising a child who is "different"'. Discussions will be led by a Livonia teacher on the philosophical and ethical aspects of parenting non-normative children or 'different kids'. The facilitator will be bringing 3 students, and they will talk about their experiences with parents, what they have been through, what would help them, and what they want and need growing up "different".

Order your tickets today by calling the Box Office at 734-560-1493 or order online through our website at Barefoot Productions Theater is located at 240 N. Main St., Plymouth, MI.

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