Bovine Metropolis Theater to Present GLEEPROV, 1/10-2/7

Bovine Metropolis Theater to Present GLEEPROV, 1/10-2/7

Some things are better together-peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and milk, improv and musical theater. Bovine Metropolis Theater's GleeProv celebrates this combination. Using the audience's high school memories, the cast transforms their anecdotes (think: passing out in Science class only to wake up to your teacher giving you CPR) into brilliant musical numbers.

"GleeProv began as an experimentation by a house team combining music with improv. Each performer plays a recurring character in improvised situations based on audience suggestions," Director Taylor Wingerter said.

The audience shares stories that are funny, sweet, sad and embarrassing. But rather than retell them on stage, the cast finds common threads and creates songs around something new, like awkward kissing, inspired by teacher-administered mouth-to-mouth.

"The performers are exuberant and joyous, lifting the show beyond normal musical theater into the realm of manic, ridiculous, and ludicrous musical theater. It's pretty silly and very fun," artistic director Eric Farone said.

"It's an entertaining show, because everyone can relate to the pressures of peers, prom and puberty. The awkward emotions and situations are so familiar, and best expressed in improvised song," Wingerter says.

GleeProv is a Bovine Metropolis house team performing with a live musician in their own 5 week run. They perform a completely new, improvised high school musical each week. The show plays Fridays at 10:15 p.m. January 10 - February 7. Tickets are $8 (pre-paid) & $10 (door).

Bovine Metropolis Theater is the first dedicated school and theater for improvisation in the Rocky Mountain region and teaches the art of accepting the unknown gracefully. For more information about Bovine Metropolis Theater, call 303-758-4722 or visit their web site at

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