MadLab Theatre and Gallery Presents Theatre Roulette 2010 5/6-5/29

MadLab Theatre and Gallery Presents Theatre Roulette 2010 5/6-5/29

MadLab Theatre and Gallery will present Theatre Roulette 2010 at 8:00, May 6th-May 29th, Thursday though Saturdays at MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 227 N. 3rd St. Columbus. All 12 shows will be presented on the final day of the festival, May 29th beginning at 2 pm. Tickets cost $12, $8 Students/Seniors, $6 Members. Call 614-221-5418 or visit

With this, their 11th annual Theatre Roulette, MadLab took a different approach to their script submission process. Wit most of their time and energy focused on finding a new space or alternative space to present their 2010 season, there would not be time for the usual process where the MadLab team would go through hundreds of submissions from across the country and around the world. Instead, they reached out to the many playwrights within their ensemble and in the Columbus theatre community as well as playwrights who they had worked with in prior Theatre Roulettes. From this group of scripts, 12 were selected. 3 were written by MadLab ensemble members, another 2 by Columbus playwrights with the remaining 7 from playwrights who had previous Roulette experience.

Auditions were held in January. 21 actors were cast in 39 roles. Four of them will make their Roulette debuts (Christina Duryea, Becky Horseman, Travis Horseman, and Mary Sink). This will be Christina's MadLab debut. 14 of Madlab's 25 ensemble members accepted roles with many accepting multiple parts.

Theatre Roulette offers three distinct nights of programming:

Each night of programming plays every weekend on a different night (see schedule below).

CRAZY/TALK night of programming - 5/6, 5/14, 5/22, 5/27 (all @ 8pm), 5/29 @ 2pm

The Final Scene of a Ninety-Six Hour Long Play by Scott Tobin
Narcoleptic Pillow Fight by Alex Dremman
In a Bad Place by Jennifer Feather
Let Lying Dogs Sleep by John Busser

TALK/DIRTY night of programming - 5/7, 5/15, 5/20, 5/28 (all @ 8pm), 5/29 @ 4pm

Touchy Feely by Greg Vovos
Nothing At All by Josh Kessler
Cracking Nuckols by Kevin Lottes
Four Dry Tongues by Alex Dremman

GONE/CRAZY night of programming - 5/8, 5/13, 5/21, 5/29 (all @ 8pm)

Fire by Aliza Einhorn
All The Answers by Mark Cornell
Suffer Sweet by Amanda Bauer
That Word by Mark Harvey Levine

All performances are at:


227 N. 3rd St.

Columbus, OH 43215
Ticket prices are $12 for general admission, $8 for students/seniors, $6 for MadLab members.

For reservations call 614.221.5418 or send to

To order tickets, go to:
The Columbus Foundation, GCAC and OAC support MadLab throughout the year.

CRAZY/TALK - Some crazy people who talk crazy.


Can two people truthfully love each other? That's what Greg and Amanda find out when a newspaper article about lying leads to all kinds of uncomfortable truths about themselves. One thing's for sure, neither of them will take this lying down.


Jason Sudy as Greg
Michelle Batt as Amanda

Directed by Scott Tobin

The NE Ohio based Busser's Dr. Wu Must be Eliminated, about two nitwits working for a Bondian supervillain, closed the 2008 version of Theatre Roulette.

IN A BAD PLACE by Jennifer Feather

How is comedy writer to survive in a world which only recognizes drama as art? With the aid of the waring voices in his mind, a writer will try to learn how to adapt.


Melissa Bair as Leslie
Josh Kessler as Writer
Travis Horseman as Mr. Silver
Christina Duryea as Actress
Andy Batt as Actor

Directed by Jennifer Feather and Jim Azelvandre

This is Miss Feather's second piece featured in Theatre Roulette. Her play, The Rebuttal was featured in Theatre Roulette 2006 and again as part of MadLab's Quintessential Roulette in 2009. Azelvandre directed the hit of 2009's Theatre Roulette, Alien Hand Syndrome.


A narcoleptic couple tries desperately and rather unsuccessfully to stay awake long enough to save their marriage.


Travis Horseman as Dave
Erin Prosser as Amanda

Directed by Peter Graybeal

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