SARAZAD Runs 11/23-12/14 at Gorilla Tango Bucktown

Originally commissioned by New York ensemble The TRUF, the Chicago premiere of Sarazad by E.J.C. Calvert, produced by the Meowsner Players, opens Saturday, November 23 for audiences of all ages. Sarazad runs Saturdays at 2 pm from November 23 through December 14, 2013. All performances take place at Gorilla Tango Bucktown, 1919 N Milwaukee, Chicago IL, 60647. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at or by calling 773-598-4549.

9-year-old Sarazad has enough trouble dealing with with the teasing bullies at school, who think her active imagination is the mark of a weirdo, but what lies in store for her in Dreamland one fateful night takes her places even she didn't know her mind could go. Whisked away to the realm of the Monster-King (along with her stuffed monkey, Aminal), Sarazad learns she must distract the Monster-King from making her his lunch by weaving tales of pirate captains, talking fish, monkey detectives, and surly robots. Sarazad not only makes a hero of a monster, but learns to face her own playground foes through the experience of storytelling.

A re-imagining of 1001 Arabian Nights, Sarazad was originally commissioned by New York ensemble The TRUF, a group that pairs adult and children's theatre pieces side-by-side to facilitate cross-generation discussion and arts appreciation. The New York premiere of Sarazad garnered praise from The New York Times ("An hour of fast-paced fun!" - Laurel Graeber) and the well-known site, which says "The story is sweet and poignant...sure to be a winner with your kids."

Sarazad uses not only swift and moving language to tell its story, but captivating costumes, shadow puppetry, and audience participation to engage adults and children alike. An extensive teacher's guide for grades K through 6 is also available with direct correlation to the Common Core Curriculum. Sarazad explores genre throughout this one-hour production, ranging from adventure to noir to science fiction, and the production's exceptional set design guarantees a new definition of monsters under the bed.

Photo by Scott Herman


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