VIDEO: AFTER EVER AFTER 2 Parodies Frozen's Elsa, Mulan & More!

June 25
9:20 2014

Did you ever wonder what happened after all your Disney favorites had their dreams come true? Musician Jon Cozart is here to tell you in his new video, AFTER EVER AFTER PART 2, featuring Elsa, Mulan, Tiana, and Cinderella! Check it out below along with the original parody 'After Ever After.'

Reveals Cozart: "If you ever wondered why, Disney tales all end in lies.Here's what happened after all their dreams came true"

Some lyrics sampling:

Elsa (Let It Go)
There is no snow on the mountain tonight
Just sulfur in the air
A kingdom of greenhouse gases
Only Bill Nye seems to care
My town is melting, breaking off into the sea
It's time I show the strength of an evil queen
With Germany and Putin, too
I'll free the penguins and throw you in a zoo
We're going green by spilling red
And if you're not dead
I built a hoard of evil snowmen
We're gonna take over the world
Let it snow, let it snow
Now Fox News will need heat lamps
Let it snow, let it snow
I hope you concentrate in camp (Heil Elsa)
We don't care who we have to slay
Let my troops march on
The cold's coming back and it's here to stay

VIDEO: AFTER EVER AFTER 2 Parodies Frozen's Elsa, Mulan & More!


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