Stellar Cast Set for New Web Series TEENAGERS

Stellar Cast Set for New Web Series TEENAGERS

It's not easy being a teenager in today's world. From depression and eating disorders to bullying and cutting, teens grapple with a wide range of issues as they grow and develop. The new web series "Teenagers" starring: Chloe Rose ( Degrassi), Emmanuel Kabongo ( Pompeii ), Nykeem Provo (Carrie) and Raymond Ablack (Degrassi) just to name a few is a show about a group of teenagers in their final year of High School. It deals with topics of sexuality, racism, drugs, education, alcohol, peer pressure and freedom.

There are 8 episodes for the season. Episode 1 and 2 will be premiering on January 19th. The show will run for 8 weeks, airing on their own Youtube channel.

Episode 1&2 Breakdown:

Bree struggles with peer pressure as her friends, Olive and Sara, lead her into trouble. Ash, the school heartthrob, meets Bree at a bus stop after receiving a mysterious phone call from his old fling Mellisa, while T, a quiet pizza boy, becomes smitten by Olive when he delivers her a pizza.

After Ash takes Bree's virginity, she becomes awakened to her burgeoning sexuality, while Ash feels something he's never felt before. T discovers that his crush, Olive, is in a relationship with the racist school bully, Jeremy, while Sara is revealed to have secret feelings for Olive as well. In the final scene, Ash goes to visit Mellisa, where she turns his life upside down.







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