PARENTHOOD Boss is 'Hopeful' for a 5th Season

PARENTHOOD Boss is 'Hopeful' for a 5th SeasonIn an interview today with TV Guide, Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims revealed that he's pushing for the drama to get a fifth season pick up by NBC.

"It's still very early and clearly, right now they're involved with launching their midseason shows and they're looking at pilots," he told the site. "But I do feel that we're ending in a good place here creatively and I think we're ending in a good place in terms of our audience so I'm hopeful that we'll get a Season 5."

Parenthood wraps up its fourth season on Jan. 22. The network opted for a midseason closer with 15 episodes, rather than the typical finale in the spring. Should the series be picked up, it wouldn't return to the air for eight months during the fall season.

"Obviously we prefer to do a longer season and have the audience be with it longer and not have such a long hiatus. Assuming we get picked up, which is a big assumption, we'll be off the air for quite a long time," Katims said. "But I wait for shows. I think we're so used to the cable world now. You wait for Homeland. You wait for Breaking Bad. I'm still waiting for Curb Your Enthusiasm. You wait for a long time, and I do feel that Parenthood is proving to be one of the shows that has such a faithful base audience. I have confidence they will all come back and they'll find us."

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