Glee-Cap: Thanksgiving.

Glee-Cap: Thanksgiving.

It's rumble time, Gleeks. We're taking the battle to the streets – er.. Sectionals! To Sectionals, we go! It's a battle royal between The Dalton Academy Warblers and the New Directions, but who will win? On top of that – it's Turkey time in Ohio, and you know what that means! No, it doesn't mean that Thanksgiving was last week and Glee is deciding to move a national holiday back a week – nope, it's reunion time! College freshmen return home, and that means old New Directions members are back in good old O-H-IO! It's time for tunes and turkeys, Gleeks! Who's ready for a stuffing filled episode with a dash of reunions and rivalries!

The graduated seniors return home for Thanksgiving and come together the best way they know how – song with a mash up of "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel and "Home" by Phillip Phillips. Marley recalls her dream when she was a little girl about singing in front of a full audience, which is going to happen at Sectionals and she's determined to make sure she looks her best, thus keeping up with her weird dietary habits. The returning home New Directions gather at Breadstixs for some catching up, but it's hard not to talk about Rachel and Kurt, who have both decided to not return home for Thanksgiving, but Finn is determined to make this a good experience. The old school meets new school as Finn pairs up the glee club newbies with the seasoned veterans – Marley with Santana, Unique with Mercedes, Ryder with Mike, Jake with his brother, and Quinn with Kitty.

In New York, Kurt and Rachel discuss putting their Ohio thoughts behind and focusing on the future, which for Kurt includes a second go at NYADA with Rachel there to support him.  Jake and Ryder talk after glee club, leading to Jake to reveal he went out with Marley after Ryder blew her off, but they both agree to put her happiness ahead of any type of rivalry, but both are determined to be the dance lead for sectionals. The newbie boys get a booty camp from Mike, leading to Ryder showcasing his best endzone moves and garnering the spot of dance lead alongside Brittany.  

Back in the choir room, the Unholy Trinity of Quinn, Santana, and Brittany give the newbies a taste of unholy power with a performance of "Come See about Me". Kitty explains to Quinn that she's always looked up to her, and let's Quinn on what's been going on between Jake and Marley, which isn't exactly true, but Quinn still goes on the defensive and confronts Jake in front of Puck, who explains to his brother what Quinn's protective craziness is all about. Back in New York, Rachel confronts Brody about sleeping with Cassandra, to which Brody tells her to stop acting like a high school girl and know they're adults and dealing with adult choices, to which she agrees – and then agrees to allow Brody to cook for her and Kurt for Thanksgiving. Isabelle gives Kurt advice on how to deal with the Blaine situation by learning to forgive and stop ignoring, something Kurt begins to take to heart.

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