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Glee-Cap: 100!Glee-Cap: 100!
Posted: Mar. 18, 2014

Glee Cap: New DirectionsGlee Cap: New Directions
Posted: Mar. 25, 2014

Glee-Cap: Bash.Glee-Cap: Bash.
Posted: Apr. 8, 2014

Glee-Cap: New New York.Glee-Cap: New New York.
Posted: Apr. 1, 2014


Glee-Cap: Tina in The Sky With Diamonds.Glee-Cap: Tina in The Sky With Diamonds.
Posted: Oct. 3, 2013

Glee-Cap: 100!Glee-Cap: 100!
Posted: Mar. 18, 2014

Glee-Cap: Love, Love, Love.Glee-Cap: Love, Love, Love.
Posted: Sep. 26, 2013

Glee-Cap: The End of Twerk.Glee-Cap: The End of Twerk.
Posted: Nov. 14, 2013

Glee-Cap: The Quarterback.Glee-Cap: The Quarterback.
Posted: Oct. 10, 2013

Glee-Cap: Previously Unaired ChristmasGlee-Cap: Previously Unaired Christmas
Posted: Dec. 5, 2013

Glee-Cap: A Katy or A Gaga?Glee-Cap: A Katy or A Gaga?
Posted: Nov. 7, 2013

Glee-Cap: Bash.Glee-Cap: Bash.
April 8, 2014

We all know our favorite Ohioans turned New Yorkers have been having all kinds of big fun since they arrived, but as we know, New York while magical, can also be a rough and tumble kind of town. Tonight, the less than gleeful side of New York rears its ugly head, leaving our favorite former glee clubbers to pick up the pieces. Tonight's episode will deal with some harsh subject matter, so viewer discretion is advised. Sam, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine attend a candle light vigil and channel the emotion into "No One Is Alone" from Into the Woods as they pay their respects. The producer of Funny Girl gives the company a pep talk, wanting and demanding a hit from his actors. Rachel discusses her scheduling conflicts with NYADA with her producer, who gives her a pass to finish out the year with a critique from the staff. Mercedes catches Sam watching Facts of Life, and joins him for all the 80's girl-school fun. Sam has tried everything to sleep better, even getting Blaine to read him Star Wars fan-fic, but nothing seems to work. Sam asks Mercedes about why she broke up with him, and her answer doesn't stick, as the two go at it on the couch. The weekly pot-luck dinner continues, as news of a neighbor being gay bashed (and lucky to be alive) breaks the joyful mood, but talk quickly turns to the winter critique at NYADA, which is challenging the NYADA hopefuls to Sondheim. Sam brings Mercedes to the East River to make some wishes, and their cute couple status begins to rise even more. Mercedes tells Sam she's willing to give them a chance, but wants it to be taken slowly with boundaries and rules to be implemented. Mercedes, being the strong independent woman she is, channels all of that ferocity into "You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman".
Glee-Cap: New New York.Glee-Cap: New New York.
April 1, 2014

Don't be an April fool, Glee is taking a new direction, and getting in touch with the big, bad Apple in a bigger and better way. Glee club maybe dunzo, but there's brand new adventures to be had in the city that never sleeps! Let's see how our new graduates blend into New York - you're not in Ohio anymore, Gleeks! This is New York -dream big or be crushed. Like Ivy Lynn, you know? Rachel starts getting the star treatment she has been so desiring thanks to one of her producers, who gives her on call, twenty-four seven town car service. Where is Ms. Berry headed? 'Downtown' - of course! Meanwhile, Kurt is helping Blaine adjust to the city, with Artie and Sam finding their way together, as well. Of course, the star herself makes a grand entrance and joins the gentlemen. Rachel brings her best gays for the ride, while Sam and Artie are left to find other means of transportation. Poor little Artie and Sam - missing out on all the luxury that Ms. Berry is getting accustom to. Blaine and Kurt share a cute and lazy Sunday morning with breakfast, and of course, a little standard for good measure. Klaine is taking to couple life in the city swimmingly, and belt out a little 'You Make Me Feel So Young'. Just when things begin to move a little cozier, Sam enters and ruins the moment, prompting Kurt to push Blaine to talk to Sam about his couch surfing. Artie has loved the city life, but when his backpack and laptop are stolen, Artie is left cold. Blaine tries to talk to Sam about his current situation, and finds that Sam isn't finding the love of the big city that everyone else has been. Blaine drags Sam out of the apartment and into the big city looming before them - and what better way to do then with a little 'Best Day of Your Life'. Blam sure does love a good up-lifting duet, you know? Blam has taken Manhattan - well, at least, Times Square by storm. Are those Sam's little town blues melting away? Time to make a new start of it, Sam Evans - the force is totally with you.
Glee Cap: New DirectionsGlee Cap: New Directions
March 25, 2014

Tonight marks part two of Glee's 100th episode and how do we begin? With the age old question of kill, marry or bone. The less you know, the better.Follow up by classic Sue Sylvester insults and off screen team up with Holly Holiday to make up 'team gorgeous'. Um, sure? Tina's monologuing about not being asked to the danceshocker! Now she has big dreams of getting to New York only to be upstaged by Blaine yet again who has revealed he has gotten into NYADA congratulations you go Blaine coco. Tina is knocked out into a Friends inspired opening and dream sequence. Delightfully cheesy just how we love glee with Sam hanging in his undies every other scene. Now the first big number of the night is Dreamgirls classic 'I Am Changing' sung by powerhouse Mercedes and the charismatic Kurt. It is their attempt to mend the bond between Rachel and Santana. Kurt and Mercedes voices blend very well together to bring a great performance with everyone enjoying it except Santana who seems to be too busy not being blinded by the spotlight to let the message sink in. Rachel seems to be listening though so we will see where this goes as we go into our first break but not before getting a glimpse of Mr. Brittany S. Pierce who looks like she's up to no good.
Glee-Cap: 100!Glee-Cap: 100!
March 18, 2014

How does one measure a hundred episodes of Glee? In group numbers, in Blaine's hair gel, in Fondue for Two, in diva-offs, in mash-ups, and oh so much more. Tonight marks the 100th episode of Glee and with some familiar faces and some remixed Glee classics - this episode is sure to mark the next dynasty in Glee. Here's to the New Directions old and new, and to Glee! Mercedes and Rachel return to McKinley to say goodbye to the legacy of glee club, and each is acting like the diva they are - apparently nothing has changed. Will is set to celebrate 100 lessons of glee club with remixed classics from the past, and what better way to that then with some help from April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth). April is up to her usual boozy ways, and what better way to raise a glass to New Directions than with a little 'Raise Your Glass', which Blaine is quick to point out was in fact a Warblers number, but what would a New Direction be without a good Warbler?
Glee-Cap: City of Angels.Glee-Cap: City of Angels.
March 11, 2014

Let the sunshine in, Gleeks! No, there's not going to be a production of Hair this week - thank god. This week, the Gleeks are hitting the land of sun, surf, and celebrities. You guessed it, Gleeks - the New Directions are hitting LA! It's Nationals time, and the battle is on to win one for the home team, including several departing seniors. Will New Directions come out victorious or will LaLa land send them packing as fast as a Jennifer Aniston comedy after opening weekend? It's Nationals in LA, Gleeks! Get into it! Will calls Sam to his office and instills in him confidence to be the leader that Finn once was, despite Sam being unsure of such a title. Carole and Burt stop by the choir room, and instill their own confidence into the glee club with memories of Finn, but with optimism and fun as their main point. With the Hummel-Hudson's as chaperones, the glee club gets psyched for Nationals with 'I Love LA'. Once in LA, the glee clubs hits the sightseeing tour and really feel the love for the City of Angels. Once at the hotel, the glee club gets a familiar visitor in Mercedes, who has finally found success in music. The New Directions meet their competition in Throat Explosion and their leading man, Jean Baptiste (none other than Broadway's Skylar Astin). Ryder asks Marley about why she seems to have given up on her love of music, but doesn't really like that Marley is considering this Nationals to be her swan song. The New Directions sneak onto the stage to have a moment the night before performance, where Sam calls to mind Finn's promise that they'd make it to Nationals and win, and plans to keep that promise. Jean Baptiste and Throat Explosion crash the moment, and despite the gauntlet being thrown, respect the memory of their loss and struggle as a club over the years, but also reminds them that everyone is waiting to see if they can overcome their circumstances.
Glee-Cap: Trio.Glee-Cap: Trio.
March 4, 2014

Remember that song that said three was a magic number? Well, tonight, Gleeks - three is most certainly a gleeriffic number as the spotlight is full of trios - some trios pair up for a little fun, while others will be fighting it out in usual Glee fashion. It's just another night full of songs, rivalry, and everything we could possibly want. Strap yourself in for a magical episode, Gleeks, because three is spreading its magic all over Glee. Will and Emma get caught by Becky in a compromising position, and it comes to the surface (when Sue calls them to her office) that they are trying to have a baby. Blaine, Sam, and Tina present "Jumpin, Jumpin" by Destiny's Child to the glee club and it becomes clear that time is ticking between Nationals and graduation, so Mr. Schue tells them to cherish the times and the memories. Rachel turns to Elliot after the fight with her roomies, and in her own Rachel Berry way - takes over his life and his apartment. When Elliot pops by Rachel rehearsal, the two duet on Heart's "Barracuda" and their new friendship seems cemented. ..Hummelberry, who? Sam and Blaine try on their cap and gowns, which cement how soon enough their time at McKinley, will end, and brings on Tina's constant waterworks. Blaine suggests the idea of a lock-in, so they will have something to remember once time has passed, which is something Tina and Sam jump to do.
Glee-Cap: FrenemiesGlee-Cap: Frenemies
February 25, 2014

Gleeks, as your Glee BFF, I'm totes happy to welcome you back. Now, as you're BFF, I have to warn you that tonight is all about the totes anti-BFF known as the frenemy. Now, we all know about frenemies - I mean, come on. Tonight, some of our favorite glee clobbers get their frenemy on. Let's just hope it's not Olympic style frenemy - no whacks to the knee, please. Glee is back, y'all. Santana deals with a pretty racist customer at the diner, and is feeling not exactly quite so awesome. Rachel attempts to build up Santana's confidence and invites her to join her for her cover shoot at New York magazine as a model for the shoot. Ooh, smell that Pezberry friendship. Tina and Artie meet for their usual Tuesday lunch, while Tina laments being put on the waiting list at Brown. Artie tries to cheer Tina up by dedicating their remaining Tuesday lunches to music to inspire Tina to be more positive about her future. What better way to kick off this than with 'Whenever I Call You Friend'. Sue challenges Artie and Tina's friendship by revealing that they are tied for valedictorian, and will compete for the top spot by giving their speeches to a panel of judges.
Glee-Cap: Previously Unaired ChristmasGlee-Cap: Previously Unaired Christmas
December 5, 2013

I know, it seems like just last week it was mid-April or May around the hallways of McKinley, but now it's suddenly Christmastime and the Gleeks are rockin around the Christmas tree? Oh Glee, we love you, but what even is your time frame? Tonight is the final Glee episode of 2013, and what better way to say peace out to 2013 than with the annual Glee Christmas episode. It's a Merry Gleemas, y'all! Jane Lynch introduces the episode explaining that this episode was too hot for TV last year and was cut down to be allowed to air on Fox this year. Uh, whatever you say Jane Lynch, but let's not forget how perfect Glee, Actually was, shall we? Flashbacking to Christmas 2012 - the glee club is gearing up for a Christmas decoration contest with Tina at the helm, being as psychotic and ridiculous as usual. Santana has crash landed her sleigh into the Hummel-Berry loft and is celebrating the holidays the best way she knows how - expensive gifts and sarcasm, of course. Back in Lima, the McKinley non-denominational Christmas club is taking to the task of creating a living nativity to replace the defaced nativity outside. Sue challenges Sam and Tina to come up with something good for the decoration contest since she's the judge, and going to be her usual harsh self. Rachel gets herself, Santana, and Kurt jobs working as elves in a crowded Santaland from hell, where the Santa is not even remotely interested in dealing with his elves and escapes the North Pole for a little time with Jack and Daniel. Being the uber prepared girl she is, Rachel musters up the Christmas spirit with help from Santana and Kurt performing 'Here Comes, Santa Claus', but the performance is anything but a hit as the angry kids begin to throw things and heckle them.
Glee-Cap: Puppet Master.Glee-Cap: Puppet Master.
November 28, 2013

You know when I was sitting around with my family having dinner, in between passing dishes and pies, I thought - you know what would make this a better Thanksgiving? Puppets and What Does the Fox Say! I mean, come on - you can't have Thanksgiving without puppets and weird YouTube sensations singing about the sounds a fox makes. So, tonight, we are grateful for Glee and ponder the question - what does the Gleek say? Mr. Schue is stuck working on things, so Blaine takes over glee club, and the glee clubbers are less than pleased with Blaine's ideas, causing Blaine to exit dramatically. Kurt presents Pamela Lansbury with their first gig at Callbacks, while the rest of the group is not feeling the idea of it, Kurt is not listening. Imagining the perfect scenario, Kurt imagines Pamela Lansbury [with himself at the helm] singing 'Into the Groove' to a sold out crowd. Kurt and Blaine talk it up about the glee club rebellion of Blaine, which Kurt attributes to the idea they may find him controlling, which Blaine doesn't understand.
Glee-Cap: Movin' Out.Glee-Cap: Movin' Out.
November 21, 2013

Sing us a song of a piano man, Gleeks. Tonight, the Gleeks sing us a song of Billy Joel, the piano man himself steps into the spotlight as the seniors begin planning their futures and some have that New York State of Mind. It's time to move it out, tonight, Gleeks. So, Piano Man - do you know Rose's Turn? It's Career Week at William McKinley High, and Sue is determined to show the kids of McKinley the careers they could possibly have, while Will is upset that there's no fine arts representation. With the careers in the arts ignored, Will focuses the glee club to know that despite the fact that careers in the arts are not security guarantees, he assures them that if you love and believe in your passion, you can do it. With that in mind, Mr. Schue gives a nod to the two seniors going for it in the big city - Blaine and Sam. With a theme of Billy Joel, a man who struggled for years in his pursuit of the arts, Blaine and Sam kick it off with "Movin Out (Anthony's Song)" and move it on out to New York to pursue their passions. Artie confronts Becky about her lack of future plans, but Sue sways him away and stops the conversation, while tensions are high between Marley and Jake after his cheating with Bree. In New York, Kurt builds up Blaine's confidence for his big NYADA audition by having him perform "Piano Man" at Spotlight.
Glee-Cap: The End of Twerk.Glee-Cap: The End of Twerk.
November 14, 2013

Guys, you know I've been thinking - you know what Glee needs more of? Continuity, Klaine, and Katy Perry are all great things to say, but you know what Glee REALLY needs more of? TWERKING! Come on, just what we all want to see is our Gleeks twerk the night away. ..I know, I know - I'm a genius. Well, apparently Ryan Murphy and crew have heard my genius idea, and are giving us what we ALL want to see. Tonight, it's a twerking good time, Gleeks - and you ain't even ready. Twerking has taken control of the McKinley hallways, and New Directions is getting themselves set up to twerk the competition away with some twerking tutorials for those who lack the twerking ability. Rachel makes a change and cuts her hair, which does not sit well with her director, but despite the hair cut, Rachel kills it in the rehearsal room with her co-star singing 'You Are Woman, I Am Man'. After the number, the director is knocked out by how the hair cut enhances Rachel's performance. Score one for Ms. Berry! A bathroom revolution breaks out at McKinley thanks to Unique, while Rachel reveals her new do is a wig, and challenges Kurt to break out of his mundane routine and live a little. Who knew La Berry was such a rebel rouser? Kurt gives into Rachel's probing and they decide to break out the alcohol and let loose. Oh boy, another Berry Trainwreck Extravaganza?
Glee-Cap: A Katy or A Gaga?Glee-Cap: A Katy or A Gaga?
November 7, 2013

Alright, Gleeks do you live for the applause or do you want us to hear you roar? Well, Gleeks, it's time to answer the age old question are you a Katy or a Gaga? Are you teenage dreaming tonight or are all you all about the fame? Tonight, Glee roars back with a dash of Prism and a pop of ArtPop oh, and some dude named Adam Lambert is guest starring. Like anyone knows who he is, right? Be prepared to pick a side, Gleeks it's on Katy Kats (or are you Katy Tigers?) and Little Monsters! After finding about competing against Throat Explosion for Nationals, the New Directions are challenged by Mr. Schue to channel their inner Gagas and Katy Perrys to really bring it to the Throat Explosion level. Kurt is pushing forward with his band idea, and recruits Dani and Santana, but Rachel is more focused on Funny Girl and trying to move on after Finn's passing. Sam finds that he and his crush Penny are pretty different Skrillex and True Jackson VP don't exactly mesh, but deciding to channel his inner Gaga, Sam is determined to make himself less a Katy, more of a Gaga for his lady. Artie and Kitty continue to adjust to life as couple, while Becky taunts away about Artie being her sloppy seconds. Kurt's auditions for his new band don't go over too well when a scene stealing star named Star Child (Adam Lambert) brings a little Marry The Night and leaves Kurt green with envy. Queen Gaga Hummel may have just been out Gagaed oh snap!
Glee-Cap: The Quarterback.Glee-Cap: The Quarterback.
October 10, 2013

I'm not going to sugar coat any of this for you, simply because I know we're all in the same place - we're not ready. We will most likely never be ready, but tonight - it is goodbye to everyone's lovable clumsy dancer and the man who brought him to life. Now, if you know me or have been reading these recaps since I've been doing them, you know my intros rarely ever have a serious undertone, but tonight - I can honestly say that I am going to have the most difficult time recapping tonight's episode. Tonight, we learn that goodbye is the hardest word to say or sing. Gleeks - tonight, we stand united. This is for Cory and Finn - thank you for your light, your passion, and your warmth. Thank you, thank you. The episode opens with the entire Glee club - past and present (sans Rachel) singing 'Seasons of Love' with Mercedes as the soloist, before turning to a photo of Finn in memoriam. Kurt is packing to return to Lima for a memorial for Finn, still unable to believe that Finn, his brother, is gone. The staff reacts to Finn's death in typical fashion - Sue being her usual self, much to the objection of Emma, Mr. Schue, and Coach Bieste. The glee club members (along with returning members - Santana, Mike, Kurt, Puck, and Mercedes) join together in the choir room, where Mr. Schue dedicates the week to Finn. Mercedes dedicates a performance of 'I'll Stand by You' (a song Finn sang to his one time thought unborn child and girlfriend, Quinn). The memorial tree that was planted Is stolen (by Puck), and Kurt meets with Sue to discuss replacing it before meeting Burt and Carole to go through Finn's things, which is a very emotional experience for all. Kurt has a run in with Puck near their one time usual spot - the dumpster, which Puck angrily demands Finn's jacket from Kurt, but Kurt refuses.
Glee-Cap: Tina in The Sky With Diamonds.Glee-Cap: Tina in The Sky With Diamonds.
October 3, 2013

How's it feel, Gleeks? Having Glee back in your life? You feeling all the Beatles love, love, love from last week? Because, the Gleetlemania continues this week - Nah, nah, nah, nah - Hey Glee! Its Prom time at McKinley, because you know, Proms happen in October everywhere, yeah? Who will be crowned king and queen of the McKinley heap? Keep calm, Gleeks, and let it be! Sam laments about his lack of love to newly engaged Blaine, as the New Directions move into the experimental period of the Beatles category. The prom court nominations are announced with Tina, Artie, Kitty, and Blaine being nominated for queen and king respectively, leaving Sam confused as to why he's not included. Tina lets the nomination go to her head, but is - as per usual, ignored and dismissed as she attempts to perform "Revolution". Santana books a commercial for a yeast infection medication, but the normally envious Rachel is too distracted by her lack of phone call from the producers of Funny Girl to really get upset. Kitty is cornered by Bree and the Cheerios and demanded to put up a fight for queen or risk being bumped down the social ladder, while Sam laments about being dumped by Tina as her prom date for not being nominated as king. Sue demands the student body all get vaccinated, beginning with the glee club, while Kurt attempts to get Rachel's mojo back with a performance of "Get Back". Sam meets the new trainee student nurse, Penny (Phoebe Strole) and seems to be a little love sick, while Tina freaks out when Kitty launches a campaign for queen, but Kitty is just as confused her. Santana bonds with co-worker Dani (Demi Lovato) and the sparks begin to fly, but Santana is freaking out much to Rachel's amusement. Artie and Blaine confront Sam on his obvious crush on Penny, and give him a little pep talk to channel his crush into the Beatles mantra, which he does with a performance of "Something".
Glee-Cap: Love, Love, Love.Glee-Cap: Love, Love, Love.
September 26, 2013

Sup, Gleeks!? Hope you had a really great summer of love, love, love. Oh yes, Gleeks - it's the epic TWO PART (yes, it's so epic, it needed TWO episodes) Beatles tribute episode! Are you ready? Do you want me to hold you hand? Because, Glee loves you, yeah, yeah! Get ready to let it be, Gleeks. Glee is about to bring the John, Paul, Ringo, and George! Rachel has yet another callback for Funny Girl, this time on the Great White Way - on stage at the St. James Theatre. While sitting the wings, Rachel overhears the discussion of the director and her Tony winning reading partner discussing that perhaps she's wonderful, but not just right. Relishing in the Broadway dreams that may have passed, Rachel sings 'Yesterday' as she strolls along familiar settings - ironically all the places she shared in New York with Finn. Mr. Schue announces that the theme for two weeks will be the Beatles, which is met with a mixed reaction from Kitty, but excitement among the rest of the New Directions. Artie seems to be wooing Kitty, but is this kitty cat ready for a ride in the Artie mobile? Kitty, Artie, (along with the rest of the New Directions) hit up a carnival and gives us a little duet action on 'Drive My Car'. Bree, a brand new Cheerio, seems out to ruin Kitty, taking to instagram a couple photos of Kitty with Artie, leading to Kitty to put her and Artie on the down low to keep her rep. Santana gets Rachel hired a Broadway themed diner she's working out, but Rachel seems less than thrilled and focused because of her chemistry callback. Blaine woos Kurt back with a picnic - officially making them boyfriends again, but what would a Klaine happy reunion be without a duet on 'Got to Get You into my Life' complete with a marching band. God bless you, Klaine. God bless your style and love. And what better way to cement your reunion than with a sweet kiss, which is exactly what Kurt and Blaine do.
Glee-Cap: All or NothingGlee-Cap: All or Nothing
May 9, 2013

It's that time of year again, Gleeks! No, it's not time for Mr. Schue to white boy rap - we would all like to forget that ever happened. It's time for Regionals and you know for all the absurdity that entails - it wouldn't be Regionals without ridiculous. Will New Directions be champions again? Will Ryder's lady of mystery finally show herself? Will Blaine pop the question to Kurt? Will Rachel land a dream Broadway role? Hold on tight, Gleeks - you're in for a ride. Season four finale, I choose you! Go!
Glee-Cap: Wonder-FulGlee-Cap: Wonder-Ful
May 2, 2013

Gleeks - it's going to be a WONDERful night! No, Glee isn't going to do a tribute to Wonder Woman, although - I'd be all over that, let's be real. Nope, Glee is paying tribute to a living legend that changed the game and defied the odds - Stevie Wonder. Tonight, the glee clubbers challenge superstition and someone just might for once in their life, they have someone who needs them! Cherie Amour, Gleeks!
Glee-Cap: Lights Out.Glee-Cap: Lights Out.
April 25, 2013

Trouble arrives in the newest episode of Glee. With Sectionals nearing, Will hurries out to see the competition. And wouldn't you know American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez - Frida Romero - who is clearly the bees-knees in the show choir world, is part of that competition. After hearing her sing Mr. Schue quickly insists that the New Directions perform anthems... then darkness. No seriously, the lights go out and Figgins announces that it isn't a drill and that there really is a power outage. So, (unlike real life where they would've brought someone in to fix the lights or cancelled school until the lights were repaired) school continues with flashlights and Mr. Schuester changes the lesson to fit the lightlessness, 'Unplugged.'
Glee-Cap: Sweet Dreams.Glee-Cap: Sweet Dreams.
April 18, 2013

Everyone's got a dream, right? Well - at least that song from Tangled leads us to believe that even the strangest people have dreams, but none of our Glee Clubbers are some strange guy in a tavern singing about their dreams. Nope, they have a choir room for that - of course. Tonight, dreams might just come true - and other dreams might be crushed. Let's take that journey, shall we? Finn enrolls in The University of Lima, where it seems like the part never stops, which is only aided when Puck moves in as his new roommate - it's a match made in drunken college heaven, y'all. Rachel prepares for her audition for Funny Girl, and recounts her love of Ms. Streisand from her wee little days to now - this Barbra fan girl is now ready to achieve the biggest dream of all - Fanny Brice. Roz Washington returns to McKinley to take over the Cheerios, while Bieste probes Will to talk to Finn, but Will isn't ready to patch up the teacher-student bromance, but Bieste gives him some food for thought. Marley, after the school shooting, wants to bring her dream of pursuing being a singer songwriter out of the darkness, but this is not aided by the constant strange behavior of the glee clubbers after the shooting - Sam 'has a twin' named Evan, Brittany is stuck on MIT, and Unique is taking birth control. Will informs the glee club that the theme for Regionals is Dreams, and already has a course of action, but Marley speaks up wanting to do an original song of hers, but Will isn't having it, especially after she mentions Finn.
Glee-Cap: Shooting Star.Glee-Cap: Shooting Star.
April 11, 2013

Have you had enough of Seacrest out and been longing for the return of everyone's favorite glee clubbers? Well, fret not, Randy Jackson and the dawg pound - Glee is back, and there will be no more breaks or hiatuses for the remainder of the season - that's five episodes, kiddies! Normally, this is the part where I make funny and sassy comments, and I feel like I've got that covered, but tonight's episode will be dealing with a fairly serious (and tragically recent) topic [school violence] thus I felt I should address that before leading things. All that being said - Glee is back, and Seacrest is out. Just as the New Directions are about to get serious about Regionals, Brittany makes a startling announcement - a meteor (or asteroid - she's not exactly sure) will be striking Lima and killing the population within in the next several days. After hearing Brittany's announcement, Will decides to make the assignment for the week "Last Chances" - the chance to say all those things you've been meaning to say, but can't quite get right. Brittany decides she needs to make amends with Lord Tubbington, which confuses the glee club, but Sam tells her she should perhaps sing to him and mend their relationship. Ryder explains to Jake about the girl he's been talking to online, and how he's found her - at McKinley, but when Ryder finds the girl and serenades her with "Your Song" by Elton John, he's shocked to find he's been a victim of cat-fishing.