BWW Recap: Okay, Ladies, Now Let's Get In Formation on THE WALKING DEAD

BWW Recap: Okay, Ladies, Now Let's Get In Formation on THE WALKING DEAD

Anyone else feeling gutted? (Don't chuckle, don't reward that.) Yes, THE WALKING DEAD sure wasn't going to leave us hanging without a few more deaths, God forbid, but at least they left us with some hope too. How are we at mid-season already?

The Kingdom

Yes, we haven't seen Carol nor Morgan nor the Kingdom since Episode two, so it was nice to know that everyone over there is surviving. Carol and Morgan's relationship is still strained, to say the least, but they are civil. As the main guard, Richard, comes to visit them and inform them of the deal they made with Negan. He is very worried they will renege on the deal and attack them and he would really like them to convince Ezekiel to attack first. Carol and Morgan both seem skeptical, and Morgan has to give his same old spiel about not killing people yada yada yada, but I have this weird feeling they are going to reconsider. #psychic

On the Hunt
Michonne comes in contact with reality as her hostage gives her a small glimpse of how vast the Sanctuary and the Saviors are.

Aaron and Rick are able to infiltrate the houseboat after a treacherous trip across the lake which almost gets Aaron killed. They load up on supplies and do not notice someone watching them from the woods. (Spoiler Alert - Said stranger shows up at Alexandria later...)

The Sanctuary

On what appears to be Jesus' tip, Daryl is able to escape his prison cell at the Sanctuary (with unexpected ease, I might add). Outside, he runs into Fat Joey and even though he makes no attempt to stop him, Daryl brutally kills him. On his body, Daryl finds Rick's gun and he and Jesus escape back to Hilltop.


As Negan is settling into Rick's house waiting for him to return, Olivia nervously observes. Spencer returns and offers all of his findings to the Saviors who are pleased with him. Spencer sees this as an opportunity and presents himself to Negan. He tells Negan about Rick's failure as a leader and suggests that Negan appoint Spencer as leader. Negan sees right through him and sees he is a coward and quite literally guts him in the middle of the street. (RIP Monroe Family) Rosita takes this opportunity to attempt her assassination, but hits Lucille instead. After some initial anger, Negan is only interested in the homemade bullet Rosita used to try and kill him.

As Rick and Aaron return and the guards acquire their goods, they give Aaron a healthy beating before they head to see Negan. Negan threatens Rosita to tell him who made the bullet which she claims she did. He kills Olivia to prove a point and Eugene comes clean. Negan and the Saviors take Eugene with them and leave Alexandria. Spencer begins to reanimate as a walker and Rick kills him. Michonne returns and tells Rick what she saw and that she still believes they can defeat the Sanctuary if they just all pull together. Rick finally concedes.

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