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Posted by benantifan2 2012-11-26 10:40:41.0

I've never been to the Opera before, but as a New Yorker, it's of course been on my bucket list. Can any experts recommend where to start?

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Posted by dreaming 2012-11-26 13:44:26.0

Do you have any exposure to composers or performers? (That can be a good starting place.) If you're not ready to get a ticket just yet, you can log onto the Metropolitan Opera's website and 'rent' a film of a production (you might want to do this anyway to develop some sort of sense of what you might enjoy).

Another option is to go to the Library for the Performing Arts and check out a few CDs (get the librettos) of some operas that might interest you. (I read the libretto while listening quite often-at least for the first time.)

The Met has rushes and a lotto for the weekend. They also have inexpensive seats upstairs (as little as $21) and standing room. The New York City Opera has its season in the spring and is another avenue of introduction to opera.

Good luck! (This has become a recent passion of mine.)

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Posted by Amore Opera 2012-11-29 09:19:46.0

I just sent you a private message about the Amore Opera. I have more info for you from this website:

It will tell you more than what I did in my little email.

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Posted by After Eight 2012-12-04 05:44:31.0

I'm not an expert by any means, but I would start with the ABC of opera: Aida, La Boheme, and Carmen. You can't go wrong with those three. And if you like them, you can continue down the alphabet.

The Met is doing Aida this month. It's definitely worth seeing.