The Strange Familiar Releases New Single with Album to Follow

The Strange Familiar Releases New Single with Album to Follow

The lovable pop band that captured America's heart through their emotion-driven songs that played on various ABC Family shows and a run on "America's Got Talent" readies to release a brand new album. After releasing their EP, Surrender, in October of last year The Strange Familiar is ready to give their fans more music. The new album titled, The Day The Light Went Out, will be released through Krian Music Group on April 8th. The first single off the album, "Rain" encompasses all the beautiful, inspiring lyrics and soothing, upbeat melodies the band has become well known for. "Rain" will be released on iTunes February 18th.

Their hits "Redemption," "Shelter," "Unwanted" and "Alibi" have all been prominently featured on popular shows such as Pretty Little Liars, The Biggest Loser and The Vampire Diaries to name a few. With the five new tracks being just as powerful and chill-inducing as their previous hits, it won't be a surprise to fans if they hear The Strange Familiar on more of their favorite television shows. The band is excited for the new album, stating:

"This collection of songs is more personal and goes deeper than anything we've written before. So much has happened to us in the past year while we were writing and recording this album. It's about the struggle of life - dealing with pain, loss, and despair. There's no person in this world that will not be touched by suffering and pain in some way. It's a common thread that binds us together. We wanted to express how the darkest days can lead to something unexpected, can shape you - make you stronger, better and not to give up. We're excited to see how our fans will respond and how it may challenge or inspire them"

Playing together since middle school, the band consists of lead singer/keyboardist Kira Leyden, her husband and lead guitarist Jeff Andrea, bassist Frank Freeman and Nicholas Sainato on the drums. Their popular song, "Being Me," won them the Freshman Challenge on and their single "Invisible," which they wrote at the age of 16, (sung by Ashlee Simpson in 2006) landed in the Billboard Pop 100. The band also made it past the Top 50 on America's Got Talent in 2010. Signed to Krian Music Group, this will be the band's third release on the label following Surrender in 2013 and Chasing Shadows in 2012. The band self-released their first full-length album, This is Gravity, in 2009.

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