The Brick to Present JUST NOISE Concert Recording Session for Beck's SONG READER, 1/11


The Brick Theater, Inc. presents Just Noise: A Concert Recording Session for Beck's Song Reader on January 11 at 10pm. Tickets are free but limited.

Current participants include: Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen, Chris Chappell, Deacon Bishop Revival, Maria Dessena, Killy Dwyer, Whitney Gardner, Patrice Miller, Bobby Oahu, Steve Sabaugh, Starr Kendall Experiment, Supermajor, Alexis Thomason, Three Door Mall, and Trav SD.

Beck's 2012 album of sheet music, Song Reader, was recently published with an invitation to experience songs the way we once did: by playing from the score.

"These songs are meant to be pulled apart and reshaped. The idea of them being played by choirs, brass bands, string ensembles, anything outside of traditional rock-band constructs-it's interesting because it's outside of where my songs normally exist. I thought a lot about making these songs playable and approachable, but still musically interesting. I think some of the best covers will reimagine the chord structure, take liberties with the melodies, the phrasing, even the lyrics themselves. There are no rules in interpretation." -Beck Hansen

In this spirit, we hereby announce a call for artists to perform a concert of Beck's new songs. This concert will be recorded and uploaded to Beck's site, Accepted applicants will be assigned one or more of the 20 songs and charged with preparing the song for the performance. Untraditional instrumentation and inventive exploration are encouraged. Being performed, as it is, in a theater, the concert additionally requires that each accepted applicant prepare and perform a 60-second monologue or dialogue introduction to each song.

To participate, send a song sample of your band (mp3 or YouTube link) to If you would like a sample of the sheet music, we will be happy to provide that as well.