The Bacon Brothers to Play MPAC, 7/20

The Bacon Brothers to Play MPAC, 7/20

Kevin and Michael Bacon perform their brand of Philly rock at Mayo Performing Arts Center on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 8 pm. Tickets are $39-59.

The Bacon Brothers, Michael and Kevin, grew up in Philadelphia with their four sisters in a home filled with music. By the late 1960s, Michael, already a professional musician, would gig with his band at the city's famed Electric Factory with a young Kevin tagging along when he could.

Michael has gone on to become an Emmy Award winning composer for film and television; most recently scoring Good Fortune - The Story of Morgenthau, as well as a documentary about Texas Governor, Ann Richards for HBO. Kevin, a prolific stage and screen actor, is now starring in the FOX TV drama, "The Following".

But there's something about singing with your sibling.

In 1995, the two formed a band; now, 19 years later, any cynical preconceptions about well-known actors "dabbling" in music can safely be discarded. As The New Yorker observed: "Hollywood hangs like an albatross around the neck of any movie star turned musician, but this duo shakes off the burden of fame with sharply executed rock that has a blue-collar, rootsy edge."

The band has gigged relentlessly to build up a following and have released seven albums and a live concert DVD. The band continues to win believers-show by show, album by album. And along the way, Kevin has apparently caught up with his elder brother in some surprising ways. "Kevin writes a lot more songs than I do," Michael says. "While my days are filled with composing instrumental music for film and TV, songs are a more daunting challenge. If I write one or two a year that I like, then I'm happy. But Kevin has this amazing gift of turning everyday experiences into universal thoughts that everybody can identify with."