New Amsterdam Records Presents Clayton's 'Julius Eastman Memory Depot' and Sirota's 'Baroque'

March 26
4:21 2013

New Amsterdam Records Presents Clayton's 'Julius Eastman Memory Depot' and Sirota's 'Baroque'

New Amsterdam Records just announced the release and performances of music from Jace Clayton and Nadia Sirota in March and April.

In The Julius Eastman Memory Depot, Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Jace Clayton (also known for his work as DJ /rupture) focuses on the life and music of gay African-American composer, pianist and vocalist Julius Eastman (1940-1990) on his new album, the first to be released under his own name.

Clayton explores two of Eastman's longest piano works - performed by virtuosic pianists David Friend and Emily Manzo - by running the music from each of the two pianos through a laptop, where he uses custom-built digital tools informed by his acclaimed Sufi Plug Ins project to create an electronic layer built entirely on the pianos' sound. The result is two new songs created by the two pianos and their own electrified and transformed versions that extend Eastman's vision for multiple pianos. The album ends with an original composition by Clayton that features vocalist Arooj Aftab.

Clayton, Friend, and Manzo will perform Eastman works in a live performance entitled the "Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner" this spring, including a free album release show at MoMA's PS1 that will feature 8-channel surround-sound audio:

4/05-06/13 Cincinnati, OH @ Contemporary Arts Center

4/21/13 New York, NY @ MoMA's PS1 (FREE Album Release Event)

4/25-26/13 Minneapolis, MN - Liquid Music @ The Music Room at SPCO Center

For more information about Jace Clayton, visit the New Amsterdam Records site.


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