Katherine Nelson Releases New Single, WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS

Katherine Nelson Releases New Single, WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS

Singer-songwriter Katherine Nelson, a Nashville recording artist, released her new single What's Mine is Yours, which carries a powerful message to women in the adoption community. In light of recent events, the adoption community has received much attention; a topic Nelson feels compelled to discuss openly.

"We need to bring more understanding, more healing and more love to the adoption process," Nelson said. "I want What's Mine Is Yours to become a uniting force for women everywhere, not a political football. I believe the combined strength of women can change hearts across the country and across the globe."

In conjunction with the single, Nelson released a music video for the song to bring solace and support to women who have faced the adoption process and experienced both the heartache and eventual joy that it can bring. The video, produced by R Legacy Entertainment, can be viewed on Nelson's web site http://www.katherinenelson.com. The song is also available for download on the same site.

Several adoption organizations have announced support for Nelson's song. Lindsay Redfern, head of the R House Adoption Consultants and an open adoption advocate with more than 40,000 followers on her blog, has officially endorsed the song, calling it "so validating, so healing."

"I had the opportunity to hear the song live and it brought a lot of peace to my heart," Redfern said. "We had just returned a baby boy to his biological mother in a reverse adoption, so our emotions were raw. I hope every woman who has been involved in an adoption can hear What's Mine Is Yours and find new courage."

Nelson has recorded over 30 albums both as a solo artist and with other musicians, and performs with the Nashville Tribune Band. What's Mine is Yours is part of Nelson's new 11-track CD Born Brave; an anthem to the strength and bravery of women, especially in moments of discouragement, doubt and disappointment.