IDOL WATCH: The Charlotte Auditions


Tonight on American Idol, the judges rolled into Charlotte, North Carolina in hopes to find the next big talent. The episode kicked off with footage off the long speculated fued between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. As everyone knows however, the show must go on and that it did.

First up was amature fashion designer Noami Morris who sang a not so great rendition of Aretha Franklin's Respect. Like most contestants on the show, she blamed her weak vocals on nerves. Noami got a second chance with a different song, but unfortunately the results were the same. It was a unanimous no, but the female judges were very excited about borrowing her handmade clothes.

Brian Rittenberry,27 with a 5 year old son, brought the first emotional story of the night. Although doing well now, his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 appendix cancer. Brian sang a safe but good cover of Let it Be. With a powerful voice and such smoothness, there was no doubt that Brian would receive his ticket to Hollywood.

Jimmy Smith from Tennessee was my personal favorite from Charlotte. Inspired by judge Keith Urban, Jimmy sang God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. He had perfect tone and control. Jimmy's soft country voice sent him to Hollywood with four yes's.

There was a long streak of contestants who earned their tickets to Hollywood. Then there came Matthew. Matthew Muse who said he "plays to the crowd" when he gets a chance to sing at karoake bars believed that he would be the next American Idol. A lot of people compare him to Brad Paisley so naturally he sang a song by the country star. It is safe to say that Mr. Paisley's country singing career is safe.

Next up was 16 year old Isabelle Gonzalez who was nominated by her aunt to be invited to audition. Randy Jackson paid Isabelle a visit and gave her an audition number. The southern belle had a voice that had just the right amount of softness and power that got her the golden ticket.

Towards the end of the first day of auditions drama unfolded among the judges when they could not seem to agree on who was deserving of moving onto the Hollywood rounds.


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