Hollow & Akimbo Reveal 'Still Life' MP3 w/ Under The Radar + EP Out Today

October 1
9:52 2013
Hollow & Akimbo Reveal 'Still Life' MP3 w/ Under The Radar + EP Out Today

Hollow & Akimbo construct a peculiar brand of cerebral electronic pop. With gritty textures layered over intricate arrangements, combined with a special blend of looped rhythms, the duo - Jon Visger & Brian Konicek - have created a collection that is difficult to categorize. Hollow & Akimbo's debut EP, Pseudoscience, is released today on Quite Scientific Records.

In celebration of the release, the band has shared EP cut "Still Life" today. A multilayered pop gem, the song features longing, falsetto vocals, eerie guitar loops & infectious percussion that build to a dramatic, irresistible climax. Check out the "Still Life" MP3 where it premiered with Under The Radar or download it HERE for posting. Please post & share.

Recording together at home in basements, bedrooms, attics, and closets,
Hollow & Akimbo have amassed an ever-evolving archive of musical snippets,
song fragments and a fair share of noisy four track experiments. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the band, Pseudoscience is a shining example of Hollow & Akimbo's ability to create distinct, intellectual pop. The 4-track EP seamlessly melds soaring emotive vocals over irresistible beats and wiry guitars, all peppered with surprising electronic flourishes.


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