Gemini Syndrome Kick Off Tour with Mushroom Head, 2/8

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Gemini Syndrome encapsulates both ends of the spectrum. The band conjures ethereal alternative melodies and then tempers them with gnashing, guttural distortion.

These five musicians-Aaron, Rich, Mike, AP, and Brian- all from diverse musical bands and worlds converged when the guys discovered that the spiritual musings of Aaron melded with Rich, AP and Mikes taste for dark and melodious rhythms. It was when Aaron's Fascination for the illuminati and mysticism caught Brian's attention and sealed the unbreakable bond that would then extend between each of the members. They began residing under one roof, to live, sleep, and Breathe music together communally as a band in the truest sense.

After some early demos and cutting their teeth on the road, the group retreated to Las Vegas to complete what would become their first offering with Kevin Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, In This Moment).

Their progressive fascinations bare resemblance to their musical ethos. Aaron will reference clandestine secrecy of "The Enlightened" in the same breath as espousing the merits of Eastern Buddhist ideology. At the same time, Brian speaks of his Freemasonry studies and owns a collection of literature any occult scholar would envy.

Songs like "Pleasure and Pain" rail with coarse riffs and haunting words, "In all of us is a sin that begins and doesn't end until we syphon the last breath". The ties that bind us all are the most vibrant and volatile. "Pleasure And Pain"

Click here to listen to "Pleasure And Pain, " and click here to view the lyric video.

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