Electric Folk Duo Awning Release Debut Album TWO AGAINST ME

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Electric Folk Duo Awning Release Debut Album TWO AGAINST ME

New York, NY electro-folk duo Awning have released their debut full length, Two Against Me, today. The third single from the record, "Mistaken Tendency," was premiered on Impose Magazine, as well as featured on the Bandcamp Weekly show. You can purchase the record from most digital retailers and from the band (both digitally and on vinyl) on their Bandcamp page.

After releasing a handful of EPs and remixes over the last few years, the band has honed in on their sound: a beautiful mix between heartfelt, acoustic folk and electronic sampling. The core of their songs, when stripped of their computerized textures, is often just acoustic guitars and vocals, melodic lines that travel fluidly and with purpose. Structured from seeds of ideas-a simple riff or chord progression-the two will often record a stand-alone folk song before they take to harvesting samples, slicing, rearranging and transforming it into its realized self.

As previously mentioned, Two Against Me is out today in most digital retailers and through the duo's Bandcamp page both digitally and on vinyl.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Running Game
2. Blue
3. Mistaken Tendency
4. Impression
5. Two Against Me
6. Morning Light
7. The Turn
8. Indian Summer
9. Wake
10. London

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