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On December 4, 2012, IAN PATRICK GIBB, currently touring in the 25th Anniversary Production of LES MISERABLES as Jean Prouvaire, released an enchanting Christmas EP entitled The Time of Year for Miracles. No stranger to thrilling music, IAN PATRICK GIBB's EP soars with epic orchestrations and the sublime, ethereal splendor of his luxurious voice.

Across the 6 tracks, IAN PATRICK GIBB's luscious and pristine tenor instrument sparkles and shines. With a strength and gusto similar to that of Josh Groban, IAN PATRICK GIBB's rich, beautiful, and melodic voice is at times haunting and always stunning. I am parti

cularly fond of the dynamic, Broadway showtune inspired vigor and charisma displayed on the title track "The Time of Year for Miracles," written by The Imagination House's Rick McKee, and "O Holy Night." Likewise, IAN PATRICK GIBB is simply magical on his rendition of "I'll Be Home for Christmas." With backup from Michelle Amato, the jazzy spin put on "Christmas Waltz" is inspired, fun, and charming. The album's closing song, "Grateful," features IAN PATRICK GIBB in a lovely duet with Katie Wilcoxson. With strong storytelling

qualities, stirring music, and the powerful voices "Grateful" seems to have been plucked from a masterpiece of a Broadway score.

IAN PATRICK GIBB's The Time of Year for Miracles is sure to become one of your favorite Christmas albums. Pick it up as a stocking stuffer for someone you love or get it for yourself. You're sure to cherish it for many seasons to come.

Click here to listen to "Grateful."

IAN PATRICK GIBB's The Time of Year for Miracles is available through iTunes or Amazon and can be purchased by going to

Photography by Ben Gunderson.

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