VIDEO: MTV to Exclusively Live-Stream Red Carpet Premiere of JUSTIN BIEBER's BELIEVE, 12/18


MTV News announced this morning that they will be exclusively live-streaming the red-carpet premiere of "Justin Bieber's Believe" tomorrow (Wednesday, December 18) at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT at Check out the trailer for the film below!

MTV News' Christina Garibaldi will catch up with Bieber himself, "Believe" director Jon M. Chu, producer Scooter Braun, Usher, Sean Combs and more. They'll all be answering fans Twitter questions that use the hashtag #AskBelieve.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, graffiti artist Alec Monopoly is creating an installation for the event using Bieber's Music Journals singles cover art as inspiration and infusing his own energy and emotions. The work will be painted live on-site and auctioned off for charity upon its completion.
Need more reasons to tune in? Chu will give you five.

Obviously, The Biebs
"The #1 reason is Justin will actually show up and he's going to say hello to all the fans, and I'm sure talk about the movie. We haven't talked about the movie a lot, so it's gonna be fun to unleash it at our premiere."

The Fans (And The Stars)
"Tons of fans are gonna be there. Last time, when we did 'Never Say Never,' there was like, 4,000 fans outside screaming, going crazy. Celebrities that you would never expect are there and celebrities you definitely expect will be there."

The Friends
"Obviously, all of Justin's friends and the people that you know and love in his life, from Scooter to Ryan Butler to Usher, I'm sure will all be in attendance to celebrate the next phase of his career. The movie shows that transition moment for him."

The Costumes
"I'm sure there's gonna be some wild fan costumes and signs. [The fans] always come up with something. Last time, these people did the 'Chu Chu' dance - they created a dance for me, which was awesome. It's sort of like a choo-choo train, I'm not even gonna do it cause it's embarrassing. Last time they had big giant signs for that."

The Fashion
"Of course, the lights and the glamor and the outfits that people are gonna be wearing. It's not like a traditional premiere where people just wear Suits and walk in on a red carpet. This is like, rock stars. You're gonna see all the latest fashions, so if you want to be hip and cool and see what's coming up, I think this is the red carpet to see."
You heard the man: tune in! (And get psyched for the Christmas Day theatrical release of "Believe.")

VIDEO: MTV to Exclusively Live-Stream Red Carpet Premiere of JUSTIN BIEBER's BELIEVE, 12/18

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