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James Corden Discusses INTO THE WOODS & Traces Workshop To Final Film

James Corden Discusses INTO THE WOODS & Traces Workshop To Final FilmRecent Tony Award-winning Best Actor James Corden discusses his lead role in the hotly anticipated forthcoming stage to screen iteration of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's celebrated fairy tale-themed musical INTO THE WOODS as part of an interview which is now available to view.

Asked to elaborate on what musical theatre fans can expect from the INTO THE WOODS movie, Corden shares, "I can tell you that if you are a musical nerd, I think that you will enjoy it - I think; I hope; I mean, I certainly am!"

Corden continues, "I'm such a fan of the show - I'm a musical nerd, too."

Yet, Corden relates that he had some initial doubts earlier on in the process for various reasons.

"It felt so far away that if it would ever be commited to film in the manner that it is that I would even get a look in to play such a role...," Corden comments, trailing off.

"I mean, genuinely, I did the workshop in New York last year with Rob [Marshall]. And, I think that the only people from that workshop who are in the film are me and Anna Kendrick. There was a whole other cast of other people - some who had done the show before. It was to work out how it would work as a film," Corden reveals of the workshop process.

Corden also relates of ultimately being chosen to play the central role of The Baker, "In my head I always thought, 'Well, they'll go and get someone a lot more famous to play the part.' But, God bless him for sticking by me because I have never been part of something like that before."

As for Meryl Streep, Corden shares, "What was great was that we had about six weeks rehearsal, in just a rehearsal room."

"Some days it felt like we were putting on a regional tour of INTO THE WOODS," Corden imparts with a laugh.

"She knows how you feel when you come in the room... and she does everything she can to put you at ease," Corden says of Streep.

Corden also launches into a bit of the title song, as well.

View the interview with James Corden all about INTO THE WOODS below.

Photo Credit: Walter McBride

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