Suarez Dance Theatre to Premiere MOTHER.REDUX at Miles Memorial Playhouse 3/7-9

Suarez Dance Theatre to Premiere MOTHER.REDUX at Miles Memorial Playhouse 3/7-9

Is it possible for the 21st century mother "to have it all"? Dance-theater artist Christine Suarez follows up her critically acclaimed solo, Mother.F*cker. with Mother.Redux. - a collaboration with an inter-disciplinary, inter-racial, and inter-cultural group of five women performing artists. SuarezDanceTheater presents the World premiere of Mother.Redux. for a limited, four performance-only engagement March 7-9, 2014.

Best known for her seamless combination of dance, music and words, Suarez's past work has been hailed as "ingeniously crafted&hellip poignant&hellip [and] hilarious" by the Los Angeles Times, "savvy" by The New York Times and "smart and stylish" by the Village Voice.

Benn Widdey, writer for The LAist described Suarez's Mother.F*cker: "The multi-talented mater serio-comically enacted some of the labors and--sometimes unmentioned--responsibilities of post-Steinem 21st century motherhood."

In the new piece, the five performers plunge into the wild ride of modern motherhood. Going beyond the Hallmark card, they speak the unspoken, the shameful, the hilarious and the absurd. They expose the miracle of the transformation, as well as the sexism, racism, isolation and anxiety encountered along the way. And yet, Mother.Redux. is a work of love.

Suarez works collaboratively. Pulling from diverse traditions - contemporary dance-theater, Afro-Brazilian dance, Filipino vaudeville, and West African dance and drumming - each mother/dancer looks at what she has culturally inherited and how she is caught in the collision between expectations and reality. The writer/performers offer keen observations, wry humor and a physicality that is both precise and explosive.

The multiplicity of tensions materialize on stage through surreally-inspired "mom uniforms" designed by Jmy James Kidd, a playful, tinker-toy-set designed by Nathalie Renard and performers who are at times bound by latex bands. The intimate and unique Miles Memorial Theater offers the perfect setting to experience this work.

SuarezDanceTheater partners with local artists and community-based organizations to offer opportunities to discuss, exchange, empower, create and dance.

Performances of Mother.Redux. take place on Friday, March 7 @ 8 pm and on Saturday, March 8 @ 3 pm and 8 pm and Sunday, March 9 @ 3pm. Childcare for performance offered by the Realm Creative Academy and SuarezDanceTheater. Tickets are $20, with $5 off for seniors and full time students with ID. Miles Memorial Playhouse is located at 1130 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403. For tickets go to

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