Ballet in Cinema Presents THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, 1/13

The Cast Includes: Princess Aurora: Lauren Cuthbertson; Prince Florimund: Sergei Polunin; King Florestan XXIV: Gary Avis; The Queen: Genesia Rosato; Cattalabutte: Alastair Marriott; Carabosse: Kristen McNally; Lilac Fairy: Claire Calvert.

At the christening of their baby daughter the Princess Aurora, King Florestan XXIV and the Queen have invited all the fairies to be godmothers. The proceedings are interrupted by Carabosse, the Wicked Fairy. In her fury at not being invited Carabosse gives Aurora a spindle, with the curse that one day she will prick her finger on it and die; the Lilac Fairy softens the curse by promising that Aurora will only fall into a deep sleep, that she will not die. On Aurora's 16th birthday four princes have come to seek her hand. An old woman arrives and gives Aurora a spindle, on which she pricks her finger and falls in a dead faint; the old woman was Carabosse. The Lilac Fairy appears and casts a spell of sleep over everyone; a thick forest grows over the palace.

One hundred years later Prince Florimund is hunting in the forest. The Lilac Fairy appears and shows him a vision of Princess Aurora. Florimund accompanies the Lilac Fairy to the palace gates, where they are met by Carabosse, whom the Lilac Fairy repels. At last Florimund enters the palace, kisses Aurora awake. Their marriage is celebrated by fairytale characters attending the wedding and dancing: Puss-in-Boots and the White Cat, Princess Florine and the Bluebird, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

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