Matt Damon Tweets Faxed Shot of His Butt to Affleck and Kimmel

Matt Damon tweeted a faxed shot of his bare butt in response to Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel teasing him about his nonexistent Twitter account.

He writes, "Dear Ben & Jimmy. Here's my fax. Love, MD. Faxtag: KimmelHasManBoobs."

Kimmel then tweeted "@BenAffleck -- did you see what your 'friend' Matt faxed to us? NSFW." Affleck then replied, "Looks like u from here, Jimmy. All 4 charity?"

The tweets continued:

"@JimmyKimmel -- I thank you buddy." "And @easterncongo & @water thank you! Matt, on the other hand? Matt, you there? Right. We will fax you."

Kimmel, "Matt is probably too scared to get on Twitter because no one likes him," he joked.

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