Larry King Becomes Dean of Friars Club

Larry King Becomes Dean of Friars Club

The Friars Club today announced that Peabody Award-winning radio, television and internet show host Larry King has been appointed as the new Dean of the Friars Club, taking over for Freddie Roman. As Dean, which is also known as the President of the club, King will work closely with the Friars Club's Abbot Jerry Lewis, overseeing the Board of Governors on all matters surrounding the "Monastery," including participating in the famous Roasts and dinners, as well as other events happening in and around the Club, for the next two years. The appointment will be made official at a special ceremony at the Friars Club.

"I've been a Friar for many years and at one time served as Abbot of the Friars of Beverly Hills. I am honored to be asked to be Dean of the Friars," said Larry King. He continued: "I grew up in Brooklyn, so this is like coming home. It's a great group with an important foundation that serves in many areas. So now --- I'm Dean!"

Freddie Roman, creator, producer and star of the successful "Catskills on Broadway," will step down from a position he has held for the last 20 years and is proud to pass the mantel on to his successor. Previous entertainment professionals that have served as Deans of the Friars Club include: William Morris Endeavor agent Jack L. Green (1986-1993), radio personalityWilliam B. Williams (1982-1985), acrobatic dancer and chairman of Creative Management Agency Buddy Howe (1964-1981), and Vaudevillian Harry Delf (1954-1964). Roman successfully brought the Friars Club into the new millennium and has left his own remarkable imprint on the Club's legacy.

"Larry has been a wonderful Friar for many years as well as an honoree at a recent Testimonial Dinner. He knows the inner workings of the Club and is passionate about its history as well as the impact it has made in the community," said Freddie Roman. "I am confident that the Club is in capable hands and I proudly pass the Friarly baton on to this broadcasting legend."

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