Kathy Griffin Reveals She Is 'Very Proud' of Her Record Breaking Achievement

Bravo Media and two-time Emmy award winning and six-time Grammy nominated comedian, Kathy Griffin, are making history as Guinness World Records awards Griffin with "Most Stand-Up Specials by a Comedian" for her latest original special, Kathy GRIFFIN: RECORD BREAKER, airing Wednesday, December 18 at 8:00pm ET/PT.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Griffin revealed that she is proud of her achievement. She told NYP: "I am very proud of this. My whole career I've heard the whole 'chicks aren't funny' thing. Then let's put it in the Guinness book and there will be something official that a woman, in fact, went ahead and did more stand-up comedy specials than any comedian, living or dead, male or female."

She continued: "Typically I have a very classy name like 'Everybody Can Suck It' or 'Whores on Crutches' or 'Tired Hooker,'" she said in a recent phone interview from her LA home. "For once I have something that even my good friend Barbara Walters isn't afraid to say on 'The View.'"

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Before a sold-out audience at the iconic Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas, Griffin returns to the stage to perform her 20th televised comedy special, a feat that no other comic, male or female, has ever achieved. Griffin's notoriously provocative and uniquely original fearless brand of humor is unmatched, entertaining audiences around the world for decades.

Griffin's storytelling style of stand-up comedy is not for the faint of heart, but continues to draw loyal viewers demanding to be kept up-to-date on her hilarious take on any and all things controversial, political, or what she feels does or does not deserve its place in the pop culture lexicon. In her all new special, Griffin hilariously pulls back the curtain on what it's like to perform on a gay cruise, dishes on her 93-year-old mother Maggie who says, "Molly Cyrus shouldn't twerk against that nice Alan Thicke," and suggests Texas Governor Rick Perry should foster Justin Bieber while both of them try to sort their lives out.

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