Comedian Nick Preuher Pranks Local News Stations by Posing as a Chef

Comedian Nick Preuher Pranks Local News Stations by Posing as a Chef

Last holiday season, Comedian Nick Prueher appeared on five local stations in Illinois and Wisconsin posing as a chef. Prueher posed as "Chef Keith Guerke" on the talk shows to promote a fake recipe book "Leftovers Right: Making A Winner Of Last Night's Dinner." He showed recipes such as mashed potato ice cream cones, turbo gravy, and smoothies.

Prueher said the idea for the fake chef bit came to him a few years ago when he had to appear on those shows to promote his tours. He said, "We hated doing those TV interviews. We would get up at 6 in the morning and we would always wonder what's the point is anyone even watching this?" Him and his partner, Joe Pickett, first started the pranks with a friend who posed as a yo-yo artist who taught environmentalism. The fake chef joke came a few years later, said Prueher, "We were bored. We studied the shows to see what makes sense. Most of these shows, they're just trying to fill 60 minutes."

Prueher and Pickett made a fake book cover and sent out fake press releases to 10 TV stations, 7 of which invited "Chef Keith" on to their show. None of the stations checked his credentials or questioned the "self-taught chef" and his recipes. No one ever noticed the joke that Prueher and company had staged a few years ago in the same town. Prueher's comedy team is even working on a new character for next year. Prueher said, "With Kenny Strasser we thought we would never do this again, but the Internet has a short memory. We have ideas for next year. There is no end in sight."

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