World Music Institute to Conclude Season with Farruquito at NYU Skirball Center, 6/21-22

World Music Institute to Conclude Season with Farruquito at NYU Skirball Center, 6/21-22

After an absence from the American stage of over ten years, 31-year old flamenco virtuoso Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, better known as "Farruquito," is finally returning to New York City for a special two-night run of his latest project, "Improvisao." World Music Institute is thrilled to present two performances in New York City: Saturday, June 21 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, June 22 at 7:00 p.m at NYU's Skirball Center.

As the grandson of El Farruco, another flamenco legend known as the originator of the now-famous Farruco family style, and son of renowned flamenco dancer La Farruca, Farruquito is no stranger to the stage. He began performing alongside his grandfather at age three, and since then has become internationally known for his displays of duende, a term for the overwhelmingly impassioned performance of flamenco artists. Celebrated as one of the world's best performers of the flamenco puro style, Farruquito is devoted to honoring the traditions of flamenco dance and music and using these timeless techniques to create new and exciting combinations.

Now, after months of preparation, Farruquito triumphantly returns to the American stage as the inheritor of the Farruco family's flamenco dynasty. After taking a brief European tour to Seville and London, "Improvisao" and Farruquito cross the pond for a New York comeback that is not to be missed.

While many touring flamenco productions have begun incorporating more elaborate scenic and narrative elements, Farruquito's newest program embraces the intimate, cantina-back room feeling of flamenco before the era of proscenium stage presentations, and encourages audiences to focus on the raw power of instruments, bodies, and voices. Baring the soul of his art to the audience, Farruquito has called "Improvisao" a "return to my roots...Singing, guitar and dance fused with total freedom to create a different show every day." Farruquito's "Improvisao" aspires to present a pure and authentic expression of his flamenco training and position flamenco once again as a heroic gesture of ultimate emotional and artistic exposure.

WORLD MUSIC INSTITUTE and FLAMENCO World Music Institute has long been heralded for its spectacular flamenco presentations that showcase the form's essence and authenticity. Flamenco has consistently been a treasured component of many WMI seasons, bringing the most venerated performers from around the world straight to New York audiences. The flamenco tradition is rooted in Romani Gypsy culture from Southern Spain, but flamenco rhythms and melodies have also been heavily influenced by the migration of Muslim and Jewish groups throughout the Iberian peninsula. As a result, the flamenco performances seen and heard today are very much international experiences and celebrations of the historic cultural exchanges that led to the development of this distinguished art form.

directed by Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya (Farruquito)

Bailaor (Dancer)

Cantaores (Singers)
Antonio Villar, Fabiola Pérez, Mari Vizarraga, Pepe de Pura

Toque (Guitar)
Román Vicenti, Juan Requena

Ane Carrasco

FARRUQUITO ( - Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya, or 'Farruquito', is a venerated figure in the world of Flamenco. The son of Flamenco singer Juan Fernández Flores ('El Moreno') and dancer Rosario Montoya Manzano ('La Farruca'), he is the inheritor of the unique dancing style founded by his grandfather 'El Farruco'. Farruquito made his international début on Broadway at the age of five. Since then, he has been completely devoted to the preservation and innovation of his beloved art form. At age eight he presented his first seasonal show in Madrid and at twelve he appeared in Carlo Saura's film Flamenco. That same year, he joined his family in "Bodas de Gloria," participating in its artistic and choreographic conception. In 1992 he performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Barcelona Paralympics and with his grandfather at the Andalucía Pavilion of the Seville Universal Exposition in the show "Presente, Pasado y Futuro".