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Hey guys! I am going into tech week for my high school production of Beauty and the Beast at Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. I'm playing the role of Cogsworth the Clock.

I am going to be using Spirit Gum to put on my curly (tightly-wound) mustache and would appreciate any tips or tricks you guys know of that would help me out!

I am also thinking about how I want to do my makeup to subtley resemble a clock, any ideas?

I had to go to our local costume store and find a riding crop I use to hit the Frenchmen who invade the castle, so I had to go into the Dominatrix section...Oh the looks I got holding a Scotland Yard Helmet, a riding crop, two mustaches and spirit gum.

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I guess my only advise would be to be careful while applying the spirit gum, as it is (obviously) sticky. Think of it as glue for the skin. And I've used spirit gum remover to take it off, since our costume shop has a supply, but I'm not sure if you can use other things or not. I'm a girl, so I really haven't used it as often as guys do. Have you ever used it before? Do you know how? Do you have a guide telling you? I was taught in class, so I'm not even really sure if it tells you on the bottles or anything.
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I have never used it before but there are instructions on the box, I was just hoping maybe somebody could share some insight that would help me. Thanks for your advice!
BSoBW2: I punched Sondheim in the face after I saw Wicked and said, "Why couldn't you write like that!?"
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At least on Broadway, Cogsworth's Act Two mustache is shaped like clock hands.
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Oh that's cool! I don't know how I would go about doing that though.
BSoBW2: I punched Sondheim in the face after I saw Wicked and said, "Why couldn't you write like that!?"
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That sh*t is the DEVIL!!!!
They put it on me in high school when I needed a fake moustache and decided to NOT buy spirit gum remover, so I basically had to pick it off my face every night. It's superglue for your skin.

My skin was SOOOOO dried out for the next month, it was UNREAL. I had the craziest rash. I'm assuming if we had used spirit gum remover, it wouldn't have been so bad, but either way, make sure you stay moisturized!!
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I don't use spirit gum anymore. my skin is too sensitive. now I use something called Kryolan Medical Adhesive as it is ideal for people with extremely sensitive skin. it's silicone based and dries very quickly. the only downside is that it MUST be removed with the medical adhesive remover and both are more expensive than the regular spirit gum...
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When you apply the spirit gum dab it very lightly with a rag or something so that it is sticky and the moustache does not slide around when you put it on. And yeah, use spirit gum remover.
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Yeah, make sure you dab it after you apply it to make it extra sticky. I just dab it with my finger, you can do it however you want. And just in case you don't have remover, try Sea Breeze or rubbing alcohol. Neither work as good but they're the best alternative.
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I just used it a week or so ago for promo shots for my school show. I think different people react to it differently. For me, I had to use it for a goatee. It was okay at first, but got kind of itchy and uncomfortable as the time progressed (just to be aware). And my friend had to use it for a full beard.

We used the same stuff and for some reason, for me it was simple to take off and using a little spirit gum remover, my face was fine. My friend had a little harder of a time, and his skin burned.

It all depends on you.

Now tricks? --- that was the magic of the make-up crew, I had no idea what I was doing...
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Make sure you don't shave right before applying the gum - it will really burn and hurt even worse when you go to remove it. Shave early in the day. Use a good moisturizer after removing it fully, and give the skin plenty of time between shows to "breathe".
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