Recent books on Broadway Topics-- are these brilliant or old hat?

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Amazon seems to be featuring the following Broadway-minded books lately:

The Untold Stories of Broadway, volumes 1 and 2, by Jennifer Ashley Tepper
Backstage Pass to Broadway, by Susan Schulman
Alan Jay Lerner: A Lyricist's letters, by Dominic McHugh

Who's read 'em? Which do you love? Which should I skip? (And assume I've already read all the classic books on Broadway lore.)

Updated On: 7/8/14 at 07:27 PM
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I haven't read them yet myself but Tepper's books are supposed to be fantastic.
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Only volume 1 has been released so far, and it is wonderful. Volume 2 is scheduled to come out this November, I believe. (If you are looking at the Kindle version, volume 1 is split into two parts for the Kindle, so that may be causing confusion.)

Her book is truly the Untold Stories. You'll find trivia and stories that have never been told anywhere else. I also read a lot of books on Broadway, and I had only heard a couple of the stories in the book -- and I'd only heard THOSE at the concerts Jen Tepper produced.
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Ah, you're right. I was thinking of the Kindle version. My mistake.

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