Is it even worth trying for AFTER MIDNIGHT Rush for the closing?

Lucy Harbin
I know nothing about whether their Rush tickets were certain seats always held aside for each performance for that purpose, or whether it was all contingent on availability (and Ticketmaster seems to be indicating the closing is sold out).

I figured one of the in-the-know people on here might have asked at the box office about Rush possibilities for the closing, or at least have a sense of whether it's even worth the trip to the theatre to try for.
haterobics Profile Photo
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The rush doesn't say based on availability... but the house is completely sold out. So, yeah, seems a bit risky to go. Hard to imagine they wouldn't sell a full priced seat because they have to save it to make $30ish for general rush.
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Nope, you missed your chance. It's an incredible show, try catching it on tour.
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might they sell SRO??
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