discount code ?

discount code ?
Posted: 6/26/14 at 01:50pm

I know that this is probably a long shot, but I am writing to ask if you all know of any discount codes for the 8pm, July 5 performance of Phantom or codes for either performance of Aladdin or If/Then for July 5. Again, I know that this is a long shot since it is the holiday weekend, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Thanks! :)
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discount code ?
Posted: 6/26/14 at 02:00pm
I don't think there are ANY discounts for Aladdin, as it's selling great without them.

Both If/Then and Phantom are listed on Today's Tix app, but only go through next Weds. (They increase by one day each morning.)

Additionally, both If/Then and Phantom have discounts through 7/6 on
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