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Hello. I'm possibly directing a production of Last Five Years and the theatre that I'm directing it at is very new and doesn't have a ton of money for a six piece orchestra. I'm in desperate need for the Recorded full orchestra tracks of this show. Anyone know what company I can get it from? thank you!:)
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I am currently directing a production and looked for a similar thing (only for rehearsal reasons though as we don't always have our pianist with us.) As far as I am aware, no such thing exists. And even if it did, I think it would be difficult to actually stage the show to due to the amount of dialogue within songs that is covered by a vamp and there are numerous occasions where the band have to follow the singer, and whilst I suppose this isnt essential, it adds so much beauty to those songs.

Whilst it obviously is your decision, the music for this show is so vital and needs to be performed in a way to aid the performers, not just accompany, and I can't see that being possible with any form of recordings and I would personally say, from experience, don't tackle this goliath if you do not have the resources to do it justice!
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I've seen the show done with just a piano and it was wonderful. If you have a great pianist and two powerful singer/actors, the show will be fine. The orchestrations are gorgeous, but not necessary for the story being told. There is a lot of underscoring an damping due to dialogue, so the cast recording is a bit misleading about the difficulty of keeping the orchestra and actors together. I would say if you have limited funds and can't get donations, jut gets. Great pianist (and they have to be great to play Jason Robert Brown) and two great performers, it would be a great show, and most people won't miss the orchestra.
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The whole show works with just piano. The orchestrations are nice, naturally, but not essential here. Profile Photo
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Just speculation, but I doubt the composer would the show to be done with canned music.

Do it with just piano. It will be much better. It's a score that needs to breathe with the singers.
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OP, congrats on directing a musical for a new theatre at such a young age. Just out of school, right?
If helpful as a reference, there are a few Last Five Years piano-only accompaniment tracks on JRB's "JRB plays JRB" albums.
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FYI. Although there are loopholes that allow companies like The MT Pit to offer these kinds of illegal accompaniment tracks, you are technically breaking your license with the licensing agency by using unauthorized recordings and/or accompaniment tracks for the dramatic presentation of the work. Tams-Witmark, in particular, is extremely protective of this issue and includes a rider solely devoted to it in many of their contracts.

A new company with a young director can't afford to tarnish their reputation. I suggest you do the ethically correct thing and do the show with only piano. Besides, any legitimately obtained accompaniment tracks you find (such as The MT Pit) will run you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500+ depending on the length of the run. So it's not as cost beneficial as you probably think... Unless you're looking to do all of this illegally and risk the good standing of this very new company. Yeah, not smart.

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