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Little Shop Of Horrors
Posted: 12/25/13 at 04:12pm
I read that before Broadway, the show played out of town with Alice Ripley and Billy Porter who were let go from their contracts before the Brooadway bow. Does anyone know why exactly? What did people think of the production?

In terms of a revival, who would people like to see? I'd love to see Megan Hilty or even Nina Arianda as Audrey.

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Little Shop Of Horrors
Posted: 12/25/13 at 04:18pm
I'm sure someone else can give you a more detailed answer, but from my understanding, the producers weren't happy after the out of town tryout and fired the director and brought in Jerry Zaks. After that, everyone was let go from the production except for Hunter Foster and what ended up on Broadway was completely different from the out of town production.
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Little Shop Of Horrors
Posted: 12/25/13 at 06:12pm
^ That basically sums it up. Also in the canceled version Lee Wlcolf (sp?), who originated the role of Seymour in the 80s, was playing Mr. Mushnik. Alice's version of "Somewhere That's Green" is on YouTube, if you want to hear how she sounded. There is also a video bootleg of the canceled version. When one compares the two, the changes are extremely evident. I happen to have the bootleg and Alice in my opinion was amazing!! I really wish she could have taken a broadway bow with the show.
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Little Shop Of Horrors
Posted: 12/25/13 at 09:34pm
I thought the Broadway revival lacked all the sweetness and charm of the original production at the Orpheum despite who was in it. It is just too intimate a Musical to work in a Broadway house.
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Little Shop Of Horrors
Posted: 12/26/13 at 09:39am
I LOVE what I hear of Alice's Audrey! Wish I could have seen her perform this role.
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