Jemma Rix vs other Elphabas outside of Broadway/West End

I saw Wicked in London earlier this year and Louise Dearman was amazing! But I will be seeing Jemma Rix as Elphaba next year in the Manila run of Wicked in January. I've seen at least one video of each and every Elphaba doing Defying Gravity, except for Jemma Rix. I just wanted to make my first time hearing her sort of sacred, if you get what I mean. Has anyone here seen Jemma Rix perform? How is she? And if you could compare her to the other Elphabas you've seen live that would be great. So basically, what I'm asking is if you could name me your favorite Elphaba's outside of Broadway & West End and if you've seen Jemma Rix, compare her to them. Thanks
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She wouldn't be doing the role for the last few years if the producers didn't think she was good in the role. The one I saw in London in July was beyond awful
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I've seen Jemma Rix perform live, but it was at an Oz Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit. She wasn't that great, but I also don't think she'd been playing the role long.
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I saw her in the Sydney production and she was very good, but not exceptional. I have also seen Idina Menzel, Kerry Ellis, Alexia Khadime and Louise Dearman in the role and Jemma was probably my least favorite.
I saw the show in London in May and was very impressed with the actress I saw. She was either the understudy or Stand by, as the actress portraying Elphaba was on Vacation. It was two performances into the vacation schedule and the actress I saw felt fresh and alive in the role. Wish I could recall who it was.