TVLine.Com Fantasy (Mis)Casts 10 Live Musicals for NBC

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Featuring such great ideas as Lea Michele for Eliza Doolittle and Bruno Mars in THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK... On the other hand, I must see MAME with Bette Midler and RuPaul.
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I'd love to see Bombshell worked out
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Wow, these guys know The Witches of Eastwick? Kudos!
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Naya Rivera as Maria and Jensen Ackles as Tony? What a horrifying thought. Annie Get Your Gun sounds great though. The best one was La Cage aux Folles starring David Hyde Pierce as Georges, Alan Cumming as Albin, Jonathan Groff as Jean-Michel. Nice.
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I want to see some of them. Others not so much
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La Cage would be great.... unfortunately NBC would take so much heat that the "Kinky Incident" would seem like a ticker tape parade
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