LBJ Drama All The Way, Starring Bryan Cranston, Will Play Broadway's Neil Simon; Additional Casting Announced

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Cranston will be joined by Michael McKean as J. Edgar Hoover and Brandon J. Dirden as Martin Luther King, Jr. Both played those roles at A.R.T.
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Isn't this theatre a bit large for a show like this?
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I thought the same thing. It belongs in a small theatre, like the Lyceum or the Cort. ANN seemed lost at the Beaumont. But I saw Bill Maher at the Virginia (now the August Wilson) so it could work. Can't wait to see it.
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This is a large cast presentational production that has more in common with Great White Hope and Inherit the Wind than Ann. I admit the Simon seems big for the show, but Bengal Tiger didn't seem dwarfed by the Rodgers stage. And this is a bigger show.

For my take on the show in The Wrap, here's:

"‘Breaking Bad' star good, if not quite Broadway-ready, in tale of Lyndon Baines Johnson using Civil Rights to fill JFK’s shoes

Bryan Cranston is leaving the meth maker in the dust. By playing Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose outsized personality has reached the level of myth, the actor proves he’s as canny a strategist with his career as Walter White and the Texan were about theirs.

Transitioning out of an epochal TV role can be notoriously tricky. But on the day “Breaking Bad” bowed out, Cranston was already giving himself a persuasive make-over in Robert Schenkkan’s “All the Way,” an epic play that’s fittingly all about the wrenching, roiling process of change."...
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