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From Wikipedia... "In January 2003, Channing recorded the audiobook of her best selling autobiography, "Just Lucky, I Guess": A Memoir of Sorts, produced and directed by Steve Garrin at VideoActive Productions in New York City."

Not that Wikipedia hasn't been wrong before -- but does this exist?? Can't find it anywhere... It's not available on iTunes, Audible or Amazon...
Carol Channing
Posted: 11/19/13 at 11:57pm
It's never been officially released to my knowledge, but its available in some bootleg trading circles. I've been searching for it to no success.
Broadway Star
Carol Channing
Posted: 11/20/13 at 07:25am
The only place this was ever sold was on Carol's website.

It was only available as a thank you gift for a pretty large donation to her Arts foundation.
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