Torch Song Trilogy in DC

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Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/12/13 at 03:14pm

Last night my husband Paul and I were very fortunate to see The Studio Theatre production of Torch Song Trilogy.

I first saw "Widows and Children" (The third act) when I was in high school and visiting NYC at La Mama. When I was in college I filled in as a techie for a week during Torch Songs run at The American Playhouse (pre-Broadway) , and I saw it many times in its original run on Broadway. I never saw the movie because I didn't want to, movies have a way of disappointing after you know the stage version. I didn't think I could ever like any one else other than Harvey in the lead role. Watching Seth Rudetsky struggle with the play several years ago only confirmed that. I'm not sure I would have gone had we not had season subscription tickets (last year was our first year in DC and Studio Theatre became one of out favorite companies).

All I can say is I am so glad I went. The production was great. I thought I knew the play like the back of my hand and yet the cast made me feel like I was seeing it for the first time. Brandon Uranowitz as Arnold made me do the impossible. From the first second he walked on the stage I forgot about anyone elses interpretation. He made the role his own and was brilliant. The rest of the cast was equally as impressive. I have to single out Alex Mills as Alan. In the year Paul and I have been in DC I have seen him in four shows (one being the lead in Shakespeares R&J. His Romeo was the best I have ever seen). He is amazing.

If you are in the DC area, this is a MUST SEE.
Info on tickets

Now living in DC. I really have to change my name on the board.
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Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/12/13 at 05:59pm
Saw the show on Broadway with Mr. Fierstein and it was one of the most amazing nights of theatre I have ever seen.
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Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/12/13 at 06:26pm
I saw it on Broadway with the OBC as well. One of the best nights of theatre ever.

And don't see the movie, Marc. They cut something insane like 90 minutes out of the three-act play.

Gutted doesn't even begin to cover it.
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Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/16/13 at 06:35pm
Hello. Found this thread on Google searching for reviews of the DC show (all raves, BTW). Going to be in DC this weekend and got tickets thanks to YOUR review and the below video promo on Studio Theatre's Facebook page. Will give you MY review next week.
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Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/21/13 at 04:51pm
I'll second South FL Marc in saying it's an excellent production -- one of the best in DC's theatre scene in many years. Brandon Uranowitz is indeed knocking it out of the park.
Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/21/13 at 05:09pm
Thanks so much for posting this! I am going to DC this week, and had been lamenting the complete absence of decent theatre for my free time.
Torch Song Trilogy in DC
Posted: 10/21/13 at 07:15pm
My review as promised: I live in the NY metro area and went down to DC for parents college visiting weekend and saw the show Saturday night. I have seen many Broadway and Off Broadway shows in my lifetime and this play has to be one of the best shows I have ever seen - EVER, ANYWHERE!!(never saw the original show)It's hysterically funny as it is equally touching bringing much laughter and tears to the entire audience that was in attendance. Just when you're about to uncontrollably sob, there's a comical moment to reel you back in with a giggle. The entire cast is terrific, but for me, the stand-out was the young man who plays Arnold, Brandon Uranowitz. He was absolutely brilliant in the role and would be, at the very least, a shoe-in for a Best Actor Tony nomination should this play ever come to Broadway - which I can't imagine it wouldn't as it is sooooo relevant and meaningful in today's world more than ever. This play shows how Fierstein's brilliant writing is so timeless, even 30+ years later. His needs and feelings as a gay man were no different than for a heterosexual person back then. Except society wasn't ready to understand and accept this (we're all human beings) for years. I would strongly encourage anyone who loves exceptional theater go to DC (Amtrak is very cheap and easy and only 3 hours)and see this show!! I haven't read anything about this play coming to B'way after DC, a HUGE mistake if it doesn't, so this might be the only time you'll ever see this show again (hope not!). By the way, it closes this Sunday. It truly was a theater experience for me that I won't soon forget. Go!
Oh, thanks again South Fl. Marc. Your review was spot-on!!